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Saturday, May 15, 2010

♫ Into the Rain ♫ (conclusion)

Continued from here.

Onto Cannery Row
and into all the fun shops there.

And then there's Zoltar.
No, I didn't talk to him
even though he was talking to me.
No way, uh uh
not after what happened in "Big"!

ah yes, all the fun novelty items.
Anyone need a TP holder?

Hadn't seen the King there before
but he was this time!
Good thing my Sister wasn't there...
she would have swooned and
we would had to have carry her the rest of the way!!
J/K Sandy!

Knights of the Round Table?
Sir Cody and Sir Brandon

Sure glad none of us had a toothache....
He already had one tooth in his extractors
 and was looking for another!


Oh La La!

The hard economy has hit Monterey.
Bussing a table?
It's for the birds!
Sorry couldn't resist! 

We had lunch at The Fish Hopper,
our usual stop.
One word

Views from our table...

After lunch we walked some more..
to work off our lunch!

We came across this inside one on the mini malls.
Too Cute!!

Tanya and Brandon

Brandon, Cody and Melissa

OOO  A Miss Kitty "Voltar"
She was spooky in her own right

Melissa always finds the men!

Of course, as we headed home the skies cleared
and the sun came out

Beautiful blue skies

They made for great photos of San Luis Reservior

And then I fell asleep.....
and woke up at home.
Yep, the perfect ending to a perfect day!


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