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Sunday, July 8, 2018

More Lazy Gardener Tips

While laying in bed last night I was thinking of some other things I do for my garden. I thought you might benefit from them too.
And best of all they are FREE!
After steaming or boiling vegetables I save the water, 

let cool, then water a plants with it.

I usually look for the one that doesn't seem happy. This water contains a lot of nutrients that gets left behind by the cooking of the vegetables.

Another "eggselent" (sorry, couldn't resist!) nutrient rich water is left from making hard boiled eggs. Just like with crumbling the shells into the garden, this water provides the same nutrients but in a much more milder degree. Many years ago when I had a slew of houseplants and no yard, I used to keep a large lidded pickle jar filled with water under the kitchen sink. I would add eggshells to it from time to time, let sit and water my houseplants.

Leave the shells in the jar and refill with water. When it got so smelly that I couldn't stand it I would change out the eggs and start again. My plants were very happy!
Now we know I'm lazy but I also hate spending money when I can get what I need for free and it works so well. Take a look at my garden and I think you'll agree...this lazy gardener does OK =)


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