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Saturday, June 21, 2014

What a Week!

It was one roller coaster of a week...!

A friends wedding took place on Saturday,

in the Micke Grove Japanese Tea Garden.

B&T were in the wedding party :)

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Price

As the wedding party entered the reception hall,
they had donned masks
Thriller by Michael Jackson started playing
and they all sprang into the Thriller Dance

Guys to the left and girls to the right,

then the Bride and Groom entered and joined in.

Need I tell you the theme was "Day of the Dead"?

Bride and Groom Dance

The wedding party's table

Wedding party's dance.
Brandon & Tanya

and, of course, Tracy and Brandon! LOL

Our table.  
M,T and Tanya's brother Arthur.
The centerpieces consisted of:
clear glass skulls with purple tea lights which
surrounded a glass with a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) inside.
 Bright blue lights covered the bottom.
The skulls served as Favors and
anyone who wanted a Betta could have one.
Yes, we came home with one ;)

B coming over to check up on us.

Cody wasn't feeling good, can you tell?

 Bride and Groom Skeletons topped the cake

We had a good time. 
Monday we went grocery shopping.
When we returned home I had a Restitution Check from our State Controller in the mail!!!!  Yippee Skippy!!
Don't know why, don't care why,
just happy he was able to squeeze it out of him.
Not that it was a lot or anything close to what I'm due.
But at this point it's the principle.
Happiness filled the house
It's hard to believe we have had Bella for a year already, which means it was a year ago we lost Cyndar. I still miss her everyday.
Let me digress for a minute.
After rescuing Bella from the shelter we went in for her free check up.  She was 2 at the time, a stray with two 6 month old pups..
A week later I felt "bump" on her jaw. To me if felt like a BB. But after having lost other pets to cancer I was concerned but didn't have the funds to take her in. My vet was notified and it went in her chart and I was told to monitor it. It did not bother her or hurt...I would feel and grab it all the time and she never complained. A few weeks ago it felt like it had multiplied into two, it was time for her yearly check up so I made an appt. and took her in, thinking it was a slow growing cyst/tumor/whatever since it had taken a year for it to change. After discussing it with our vet we decided to get it out now before it attached, itself or grew bigger. She said she would due the surgery that day, with it being so small all she had to do was sedate her not actually put her under...yay, saved a few bucks My vet called after surgery to tell me it was in fact a pellet! That it had turned itself sideways which made it feel bigger. I felt so bad for her, but at least it's out and nothing to send to have analyzed. So all in all it wasn't too costly. She is doing better each day. I need to express it twice a day and she puts up with it. She goes back in 10 days to have the stitches removed. So relieved it was not a tumor but feel so bad that she was shot

Not such a good time ~

After coming home from picking Bella up, I was informed that our freezer had stopped working and everything inside was thawed!
Of course it would do it after I had just went shopping!
I went out to make sure the door wasn't ajar, it wasn't.
It was like a refrigerator....I don't need a fridge, I need a freezer!
In fact I just got rid of our second fridge to save on PG&E,
so I didn't have the freezer from that one to transfer things into.
I fit what I could in our fridge's freezer in the house, but we did loose some food. One of the Ice Cream buckets cracked and melted all the way down and out into a nice puddle that the ants had discovered :(
Ty had picked up some frozen bread dough to make pizza with, but it thawed and expanded and fell through 2 shelves.
The frozen veggies looked bad, so they joined the dough and IC bucket in the toter.
I cleaned everything up and closed the door. It was still running so I thought I'd check it again in the morning to see it maybe it had kicked back in.  It did! I had left a few things inside since it was refrigerator cold. But oddly enough some of the bread hadn't frozen. I figured maybe it just needed more time.
Yay, it's working!
I went back out that evening after getting home from the Farmers Market. I know, I had no business going shopping again but needed fresh fruit and veggies!
Everything was thawed again!

I had C and T get on their laptops and compare prices,
sizes, energy stars, etc. to find the best deal. Since I had to buy one I wanted a bigger one. We used to have a huge one but I guess they don't make humongous ones anymore. Currently we have 16 cu., the biggest we could find was 20.somethings cu.
Frustrating. C researched Energy Stars because he was confused by two he was comparing. The Energy Star was $71 a year to run while the non-Energy Star was $50 for the year.
He found out that only  ES's are certified and non-ES's aren't so they can say whatever they want! L♥ve my little researcher!!
 I was ready to buy the cheapo non-ES.
We picked on at Lowe's, ordered it.
I received a phone call at 7:45am the next morning letting me know they would be delivering it around 2:30 that afternoon!!!
Free delivery, haul the old one away for free and delivered the next day! Unbelievable!!
They were on time so we now have a freezer that should hopefully last 20 years like the last one did....yeh, they don't make things like they used to...but I can dream happily ♥
So that was my up, down and sideways week.
We are going to B&T's tomorrow to celebrate their Anniversary, Tanya's parents Anniversary and Melissa's Birthday.
One heck of a celebration!

Today was a calm day *whispering*
I was able to get a few things done.....

I wanted to lay this cement basket on it's side and
have flowers come out like a stream,
you've all seen that kind of thing before I'm sure.
I decided on blue Lobelia,
an annual my Mom would have every year.
Not enough need more ;)

That's better ♥

I finally got a bouquet in an old enamelware coffee pot
 for the front door,
It had been empty since Christmas!
Of course, now it's time to put up something for the 4th of July...I can never get ahead, sheesh I can't even be on time! LOL
Like my video surveillance sticker?
Just ignore all those eyes along the bottom ;)


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