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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Carousel Horse Suncatcher

What to do with a pretty Carousel Horse that needed a some uplifting?

I thought about this for quite a few nights. 
All I could picture in my head was the horse flying in air with ribbon streamers flowing down, 
kind of like a Maypole. 
Who knows! 

This was too fancy of a horse to just has ribbon streamers!  
Then my dim light bulb finally shined - a suncatcher! 
Ah, crystals, shiny beads, and of course a few ribbons

I gathered any and all supplies I thought I might need could use,
so excuse my mess- I'm creating here! LOL

The first thing I noticed was that there were roses decorating the horse here and there. I grabbed some small ribbon roses I had, but they weren't small enough. So I cut them down to size and glued them on.

 I only had purple ones. 
 The main color is purple with some aqua.
 I really wanted to bring more aqua out, 
so I painted some aqua. 

Then it hit me!
I had forgotten I had just hit the best Estate Sale of a crafter,
 the day before and hadn't unpacked yet.
I started digging and came across these darling cascading millinery flowers. I thought they would be perfect to drape over her tail -

that's when I realized I was adorning her like a parade horse!
That's OK, I love the horses in all their parade costumes/gear.

   Aren't those cascading flowers perfect?
I love them!
I remembered I had a beaded decoration leftover from a non-functioning pen. That's the 2 short dark purple bead strands with bells on the ends that you see on this side. They are attached to a lavender flower which has a bow on it.

 ~ Next was the most difficult part ~
Hence probably the reason for no photos
Threading the prisms, spacers and beads
Attaching them where I wanted them
Trying to get the end bows to look a like
And just plain wanting it all to turn out to be what I could see in my minds eye ~

Oh and the ribbon streamers, top and bottom

Not done yet.
After attaching the bottom streamers I still needed to add two more "prism danglers'' to the center post. After a bit of finagling I got it just right but wanted it to be a little more secure than just tied and glued. I found a lampwork bead at the bottom of my stash that had a hole big enough to fit the pole, Amazing! Added a touch of glue and felt much better.

Next was to finish off the end of the pole.
I encircled it in a strand of tiny gold beads ending with an aqua star
and an iridescent bicone bead.


Uh, something is missing ~~

I know!
Glitter nail polish on the roses!!

Here she sits drying for her last time.

BTW, like her drying stand? LOL
Old odd vases do come in handy at times ;)

*Here she is in all her glory*


She was hanging near a window and when the sun came in the colors that came shining through were wonderful. A small breeze came up and she began to jingle too. 

A sweet light jingle with rainbow colors and ribbon streamers.

It's a good day :) 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Be Kind to One Another

For those of you who follow me, you know my posts has been pretty sporadic through the Summer.
I've tried to keep the smiles coming but this Summer has been unusually difficult and traumatic. 

I know everyone has their own issues and demons to deal with but when the outside world comes crashing into your personal bubble it really makes you realize we certainly are not in control of our lives and at any second you could lose your loved ones due to someone else's stupid actions.

Life is hard, more for some than others.
A smile goes a long way to brighten a persons day.
We don't know what will happen to us each day,
let's pray for the boring normal day.
We surely don't want the dangerous life threatening one. 
I'll take the boring every time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is hold your loved ones a little closer, a little longer and most of all tell them how much you love them.
Things we say for granted we may not be able to say to them again.



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