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Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Wednesday from Hell

Ever had a day that seemed to last for a week??
That was yesterday.
Been up since 4:30 making potato salad.
Bought a new van a month ago.
DVD package was included but not installed. After more than enough phone calls I finally received a return call from the dealer with an appt. I needed to be there at 8am. for a 3-4 hr job. I had intended to wait in the lobby. Melissa (DD) ended up having the day off so she decided to follow me. We get to the service dept., they do NOT have an appt for me and don't know what I'm talking about. Also, sales didn't give me a work order to show I was due the DVD. I Take a deep breath as the the service manager says she will have to wait until sales comes in to find out whats going on. They will be in about 10-11.

OK. Melissa and I go wander. We stay on the same street the Dealer is on as to not get lost, we are good at that. We eat lunch, wander a bit more. At 1:30 I finally call. The Sales Manager calls the installer (heaven forbid the dealer puts it in themselves). It should be done in about an hour. We decide to go wait in the lobby. After waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally find out they are short handed and are trying to find someone to go get the van. We see the Service Manager walk kinda sideways to the Sales Dept as to not look at us. hmmm, that can't be good.

She and the "fill in" sales manager come over. Seems the installer put the wrong DVD pkg in. I ask what the difference was. He says the one they put in is $2000 over the one I'm suppose to get. I promptly say thats fine, I'll accept that for my compensation. He says no they can't do that. I promptly and loudly say that it seems that now that they have made their sale and gotten my money they aren't as eager to please me. The lobby is between the sales & service depts., and darn if the customers looking to buy & the customers in service heard me. oops

He tells me they will give me a loaner and bring my van to me on Friday. I say good cuz we have seen way too much of their fine city.

He goes off to get paperwork & find a car. It's starting to get dark. I remember my directions are in the van! OY! I thought we need to get out of here fast if we have half a chance to find our way home before it's dark and everything looks different.

I try to rush them along. OK got the key. As I get in the boat ('07 Chrysler 300) they gave me I notice sales stickers all over the windshield. I turn to glare at the manager. He runs over to remove them. Of course, they don't come off easy or one piece.

We are off. I'm following Melissa cuz I have enough trouble driving and manuevering the boat let alone find the way. About 5 blocks away I look down. In my haste to leave I forgot to check the gas tank. It's got 1/4 tank!

I call Melissa. She spots a station. I'm following her but get cut off by traffic and lose her. OK I'm lost. I call her shes waiting at the station. I don't see any station :( We finally find each other.

I had intended to only put a few gals in it. I couldn't get the key out of the ignition so Melissa was trying to get it out, I was watching her not the pump and before I knew it, it was full. Needless to say the dealer is getting a gas receipt/bill for $59.85!

We are off and kinda know where we are. I call home (DH) and TJ (middle DS) to update them on the situatuion.

TJ is on the way home from a Dr appt and on the side of the road changing a flat tire. He felt worse when he got up so went to the Dr again. He is worse, fever now. Dr put him on more heavy duty antibiotics and steriods. He has to see the Dr once a week and is out of school at least the 28th, if not longer.

It is totally dark now so I tell him to BE CAREFULL, and if he's still there when we pass we will stop.

15 mins later TJ calls to let me know he not only has one flat but two!! OK, How am I gonna get his car home, don't want to let it overnite on the side of the road. Towing is costly and we've already used up AAA for the year. I call Brandon (oldest DS) to ask to borrow his spare (they have simular cars) He's on the way home from work and will head over. Brandon calls back to tell us stuck in traffic, to go home and he'll call when he gets closer.

We did, he did. Changed other tire. Brand's spare is flat. I mean flat, flat. I run home to get the pump. OK Done. Tell Brand to come over for dinner. I put a chicken & veggies in the crockpot this morning so in case I didn't feel like cooking dinner would be made. HA!

We get home, things calm down. Go to serve dinner, the chicken isn't done!! I had put it on low instead of high! I immedaitely put it on high, like thats gonna do any good!

OK Frozen pizza it is! Ate, Brandon left, got to bed about 11:30.

Oh yes, the potato salad. It's for Brandon's birthday on Saturday, that I was spose to have all day to prep for. But now I need to be at Big O for TJ's tires at 8am.

C'mon TGIF!
BTW, the chickens done.......


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