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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Force Will Be Strong With This One!


We went to see LB's ultrasound about a week ago and yep, 
he's def a boy! Took the longest time to get him to let go of his feet that he had pulled up over his face while showing off everything to everyone! OMG! Men, It Starts in the womb! LOL
 Just a couple pics to share once he put his legs down :)

A sweet smile and wave 

 and that's it

Tanya and Brandon have been busy prepping
 Izzy's room for the next addition.
They needed a dresser and I had the one I used for Brandon, when he was little, in the garage.  Maybe I better elaborate. The dresser started out as my sister's, then mine, in our room growing up. I'm sure my Dad probably made it. From there I needed it for Brandon where it was painted white with blue knobs. Ty and Cody used it briefly then it went into the garage until Brandon or someone else needed it.

I wish I had a before photo. I'm sure I do somewhere in my suitcases of photo's - somewhere....

Cutting to the chase, 
Tanya has done an amazing makeover to it.
 I would never recognize it in a million years!
What an heirloom it has become!
Here goes:



 Left side

 Right Side

Awesome job Tanya!!
Yes, Brandon is a Star Wars Junkie, 
seeing the very 1st at 6 mos. old.
He may not remember that one, 
but grew up with Star Wars in his blood, 
and it still curses throbbing there today.
So it's no wonder that his little boy will start out in Daddy's footsteps.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paint'em Pretty ~ I Played and Failed!

 I had a few extra minutes so I thought I'd "play" with some nail strips I had picked up some time ago.
I thought they were pretty and maybe I could cut them up 
to use as accents or something.

I knew if I used them as directed, like stickers instead of polish there was no way they would be able to hold up to my poor nails ~
Hey, I'm a Mom with a house to run, my hands seem to always be in either water and cleaning solution or dirt in the garden.

Yes, I know there are such things as gloves. 
But I easily get sidetracked when say going out to get the laundry off the line ~ a no gloves need chore. 
Then I see a weed, then another and then hey, 
the pond filter needs to be cleaned 
and then......and so the story goes.

These were called Nail Jeweled Strips by Sassy + Chic
20 pieces nail strips
1 piece wooden cuticle pusher
1 piece mini nail file

They had a pink feathery background with teeny silver glitter. 

I had chosen Sally Hard as Nails, 530 - ''Rockin' Hard''
Probably not the best to showcase these strips...
I was out of white and just not thinking,
so what's new!

I trimmed the nail strip to be a french tip 
and stuck it on the finger on one hand... 

and another finger on the other hand.

They lasted two days even top coated
 with Sally Hansen's Megashine.
Very frustrating when I can usually stretch 
my mani's out to 10 - 12+ days if need be.

Maybe someday I'll stick them on my bare nails
 as directed and see how long they 
don't last - all for science, of course. 


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