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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tasty and Easy Stuffed Rolls

Along with my baking I made some Stuffed Rolls.
Mom used to make these for Christmas Eve
They were inexpensive, easy and you could make them ahead of time.
When I was younger my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would come over to celebrate on Christmas Eve. We would make tons of these for that night.

We would eat then sit and wait to hear a special bell at the back door.
There was a special guest that would always stop by....

YES! Santa would come to OUR house!
He had his sack of gifts for all us kids.
Later, after I grew up I realized it was my Uncle who played Santa for us
and then my Sister's son...for my children... and my cousins children.

~~Ahh, great Memories~~

But without further adieu, 
*The Stuffed Rolls*

(recipe circa '70's, note typed recipe card!)

Gather all your ingredients.
I substituted ground turkey for the hamburger
because that's what I had on hand.

Mix it all up good

Add to bun

Place onto wax paper

Roll up and twist ends

They fit right back into the bun bag for the freezer

Anytime you want some pop them into the microwave and heat a couple mins.
Handy snack for the older kids to grab.
When my oldest Son owned his Computer Shop,
he would take these for lunch in the winter,
fast and easy to heat and eat.

We will be enjoying these when we celebrate Christmas with our kids
here at home on the 19th.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Mad Baker is in the House

Yep, that's me!
I've started my mad baking for the Holiday's!

Today I baked up 4 loaves of Banana Nut Bread,
2 Loaves of Zuchinni Bread, and Chocolate Zuchinni Cake.
The Zuchinni is from my garden over the summer.
I grated it into 2 cups portions and put it in the frezzer
so it's ready to go when I am ;~)
I do the same with Banana's when they get a little too ripe.
Peel and put 3 to a portion for baking.
Both the Banana's and Zuchinni defrost rather quickly.

I've had alot of compliments on this Banana Bread.
The recipe is from Bisquick back in the '80's.
It's made using just one pan, a big plus in my book!
And it's easy.
When we lived in Miami we had a Banana Tree in our yard.
Needless to say at that time I new this recipe by heart!


Fertilizer Friday! 12/11/09

It's Friday so it's time for
Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie Time!
We finally have had a hard frost and
most of the garden is dormant or burnt from the frost.
So I will be posting pictures from
 the past spring.

Young Azalea's

One of the many orchards near us

My Nectarine and Rosemary

The Nectarine is a rescue, as is our Orange Tree.
Our neighbors next door had their entire backyard full of fruit trees...orange, lemon, peach, apricot, cherry, nectarine, etc.
When they sold their house the new owners ripped out every tree!
I couldn't believe it!
The trees were 5 years old, very established
and full of fruit when the took them out.
We went over and asked it we could have them.
He said yes, that he was taking them to the dumps.
I grabbed the nectarine and orange because they had the least damage.
When I said ripped I meant RIPPED!
I wish they would had offered them to others before just pulling them out.
Like on Freecycle or even just telling the neighbors.
I would have liked to taken more but I just didn't have the room.
the whole thing made me sick.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All Done!

I'm done
Whew hoo!

I've been working on Holiday goodies for my store and have now completed everything I wanted to for this year. (Ok well, almost everything)
These are the my final ones.
You wouldn't believe what they looked like before,
yes I should have taken pictures.
They are now ready for a new Shabby Cottage home.
Aren't they sweet!
Painted pink and sugared....

a sweet bell...

A tamborine playing Angel...

and an Angel playing the Violin

These, along with other Holiday Decor, are available in my eBay Store.
Which, by the way, is currently On Sale!

Monday, Monday....

Today I'm linking up with:
Joan for Vintage Christmas Monday
Susan for Metamorphosis Monday
Cindy for Make It For Monday
 Mary for Mosaic Monday
Susan for Deck The Halls

Vintage Christmas Monday with Joan over at Anything Goes Here
Deck the Halls with Susan over at Thoughts From Over the Rainbow

My Mother in Law made this gorgeous Jewelry Christmas Tree for us when we were first married....some 35 years ago. Actually it was a combined effort between her and my Father in Law. He making the frame and base and she using vintage baubles to make the lovely tree.
The black velvet back ground has makes the jewelry pop.
We have put it up each year and though it may be on it's umpteenth set of lights it has aged gracefuly.   

This Gurley Santa Candle belonged to my Mom.
 I remember placing him on top of the TV each year while growing up.
Four white plastic Reindeer went in front of him.
He has seen better days but I still love him ;~)
The Shiny Brites in the glass vase behind him also belonged to her as did the tiny ornament garland draped along my mantel shelf. 


Met Monday with Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch
Make it for Monday with Cindy over at Cottage Instincts

Remember this great leaded window I scored?
She has finally made it onto the wall in the kitchen.
The kitchen makeover mentioned here and here
has stalled with the Holidays, but it's just about done anyway. 
The finsihing touches will take place in January.
Anyhoo, the window is hung and decorated for the Holidays too!
I purchased this great sign from Donna over at Daizy Donnas .
When I saw it I had to have it! It's so cute.
She has the sweetest signs, pop over and check them out.

I placed it inside the window.


I added an old cranberry wreath to the corner

''Jack Frost's
Snowflake Cafe`
Stop in and take the chill off''

I love the way is transports you to outside the shop looking in!
I imagine myself standing on the sidewalk, snow falling
and needing a bit of warmth.
I think this just might be a piece of Holiday that will be around all year!


Mosaic Monday with Mary over Little Red House

This week I chose to make a mosaic with some of my Holiday Decorations


Keep warm everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Holiday Backgrounds

I have a lot of backgrounds and thought I'd
share some Wintery and Holiday ones with you.
These are great for layouts, ATC's, or any craft prolject. 


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nativity Wreath & Vintage Ornaments

I'm joining:

Susan for Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch
Cindy for Make it for Monday over at Cottage Instincts
Joan for Vintage Christmas Monday over at 
The Potting Shed - Anything Goes Here
Roeshel for the DIY Showoff Holiday Highlights
Cheri at It's So Very Cheri for It's So Very Creative Monday

I had some old Christmas Cards in my stash and was thinking of what
I could do with them.
I needed something quick, easy and needed to use what I had.


How about a wreath?

This is what I did
Found some cardboard
Used a dinner plate to draw the wreath base
and a cup for the center circle.

Cut it out

I found some gold spray paint left from another project 
painted it front and back.

I decided to make it a Nativity Wreath
I went thru the cards and pulled out all the religious themed ones
Cut out the images
arranged them..many, many times!
and when I found all the right places for each I hot glued them down.

Found some coordinating wired ribbon in my ribbon tote
Hot glued it on

What do you think??


This is my first time joining
Joan over at The Potting Shed ~ Anything Goes Here
for Vintage Christmas Monday.

Be sure to pop over and see everyone's
vintage Christmas goodies.

One of my favorites is this crocheted Bell.
I remember my Grandmother making it when I was little.
She fussed with it while starching to make it stiff.
It has a little bell inside.

This is another one she made.

We discovered while cleaning out the house,
I don't remember it.
This one is a much tighter stitch.
It's smaller and really soft, it too has a little bell inside.

I have more for next Monday!

Mosaic Monday ~ Christmas Postcards

It's once again time for Mosaic Monday with Mary at Little Red House.
Where does the time go!?
Vintage Christmas Postcards make up my mosaic for today.


Last of the Mohicans

A few nights ago I let the dogs out
and just outside the door was
 this Dragonfly.

It had webs on it's feet and as I was trying to remove them
it flew into our house!
Needless to say it was a mad dash to catch it before the cats!
Middle son was able to......

It was reluctant to leave.
I'm pretty sure it was very cold and
probably the only one left from the season.
Sad actually.
There are larvae in my Dragonfly pond
so there should be plenty for next Summer.


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