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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Critters Be Gone! Pass & Fails


After dealing with an invasion of unwanted garden guests: rats, gophers, and raccoons (which I've posted many times about and tried everything imaginable)  I pulled out some new "remedies" I found.

Rats :

YUK and UGG!
I found a dead sparrow they tried to pull under the deck!
They don't like the smell of Ammonia.
So poured Ammonia around different places that would get beneath the deck.
You can see the hole they've chewed in the photo.
Since the Ammonia, we haven't had any issues with Rats!!


Years ago when the neighbors had gophers, we had a Basset Hound that would keep the yard free of these PIA's!
Our dogs now could care less.

The gophers started along the right side of the yard at one end along the fence line.

Went to the end of that section of fence, 
turned left to proceed along the entire back of the yard along the fence line.

When the gopher got to the end of that section of fence it stopped.
Thank goodness! I was hoping it would go to the section where my pond is. Last thing I needed was gopher holes in my pond liner!

I read they didn't like Onions.
I cut some onions in quarters, 

found a hole and stuck one in, 

then covered it back up and placed a "marker" on top.

More mounds appeared. I uncovered the hole to find the onion gone! 
FAIL!  I guess they like onions :(

Next I tried flooding the hole. Something Dad always did.
We had all areas staked out waiting for it to pop up somewhere. 

The water ran for about 20 minutes

Then flooded back out. Never popped up anywhere.
The reason I think we didn't have a chance with the flooding, is I believe the Gophers have holes in our neighbors backyards - the other side of the fences.  Neighbors on each side and behind us have dead lawns/weeds/grass perfect for escape routes.

Next was Juicy Fruit Gum. Not sure how it's suppose to work....
I think they can't digest it.

I made sure to hold it by the package as to not get any of my scent on it.

Cut the Juicy Fruit into small pieces

then marked it.

I found a couple more holes and placed Juicy Fruits pieces in those also.
Smoothed all the mounds out.

No Gophers since! 

As for the Onions.....

they are popping

 where ever I placed an onion for the Gopher! LOL


No idea how this is suppose to work either -

I bought a can for each side of the fence where they come over
and soaked each side of the fence.

No more Raccoons!

I also read Raccoons don't like Blood Meal.

I purchased a bag and spread it along the ground in front of the 
fence they come over.

No more Raccoons!

Was it the WD-40 or the Blood Meal?
Or both?

I don't care, I'm just happy the Raccoons aren't visiting anymore!

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