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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rose Colored Glasses

Friday seems to come faster and faster these days.
And Friday means Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time.

I'm showing some of my Roses.
95% of them are rescues or from my Mom's. 

Look who I found!
Didn't think any of these reseeded this year.

Yes, I know they all need to be deadheaded.
I just don't know where the time goes!

Wishing you a Rosy weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Arrg Matey, There Be Treasure Here!!

I joining:
Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays

Dianne at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words for Second Time Around Tuesday

Saturday's Treasure Hunt turned out to be great!

but at other sales too.
There was SO much to look at in many different buildings at the Estate Sale.
Very overwhelming...yippeeee! LOL
It was held by an Estate Sale Service,
so the prices were not as inexpensive as I would have liked. 
But there was still good buys to be had.

This is what I ended up comming home with...

Inspire pillow, Holiday Handkercheif,
cute litte heart shaped Pillows...   

Such a sweet Baby's Bonnet

Holiday Diecuts, old post cards (1918), old Easter Bunnies,
tiny Bottle Brush Wreaths,
Sweet Candle Sconce (I'm keeping it, love the color!)
and sweet chalkware Puppies in a Basket...this one has hooks on the bottom.

Everthing in the box was $6.00.
See the Bunny with the blue jacket above right,
this is what is has on the bottom.
Haven't seen this before.
So I actually got all these for $5.95 ;)

There were some garden statuary...
even after one couple loaded up their truck!
I walked out with these precious babies.
$10.00 each

So I spent a total of $36.00, 
Not to to bad. 

When we got back into town we headed
downtown to see if there were any Garage Sales.

Spied one, stopped and
found out she really wanted to get rid of everything!
Oil Lamp $3
didn't really want or need it but for $3!!
Old Coffeepot .50
The metal items .75 for all
Old Dust Pan .10

Cute little Bangle .50

Wine Trivia Cards .50 (good for Altered Art)
The Enamleware cups were $1 a set,didn't need them either but for a buck!
Glass Candlestick .50

Then on the way home we passed the Museum...
The Historical Society was having a Yard Sale in front!
OOOO Lots of tables and great goodies!!
I couldn't park the car fast enough!

We walked up and they told us everything was half price..

All the very old books were .25 ea
little tray .10
clock .05
Shell box .50

OH and BTW do you see what all my finds are in?
An old lovely blue suitcase,
can you see what the tag says???

and it's in really good shape too!

Ok back to the goodies...

All the old Utensils were .25 ea
cute pink recipe box .10
pair of Blue Jays .25
assorted bottles .05
sweet Nursery Rhyme Cards .10 (good for Altered Art)
Melissa found an Alaska Plate .12
Boo Sign .25

Inside the pouch are about 20 old Maps..they were all FREE!!
(altered art again)
and yes, those metal things hanging on the side
are hobbles. They are really small...must be for sheep or goats.
Hey, they were cool.... .25
Enamelware Laddle .12
And some other cheapy odds and ends 

So all in all, we had a great day!!
Lots of fun and goodies to bring home.


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