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Friday, April 22, 2016

Surgery Finally Done

After Cody recovered from his bronchitis and I from the flu.
Which I still don't understand how I got. I received the flu vaccine in Oct. as usual. When I got sick I thought it must be a different strain from the shot. My Dr. ordered testing to see what strain it was. It was this years flu, the same I received the shot for! I was so surprised by his answer when I puzzling asked how? He said the vaccine is good for only a few months. This was big news to me. I had always thought they were good through the flu season. He told me to get it in Dec. this year. Am I the only one that remembers the vaccine shortages? But you know the kids never got it. They kept getting sick and didn't receive their shots until Dec. last year. Frustrating I tell ya! It took about 2 weeks for me to get my energy back, and I'm still not up to par.

But I digress ~

Cody had his surgery on the 19th and this house hasn't been right since! He had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, uvula shaved, airway widened, and a septorrhinoplasty. All to help with his breathing.  Surgery went fine. Recovery was a bit rough.
He came home the same day.
Poor guy, he was is so much pain, his nose was swollen.
The Dr. told us it would get worse before it got better.
Hmmm, O.  K.
He was prescribed liquid Vicodin, liquid antibiotics, and dissolvable nausea medication. Thought we'd be good to go.
I made pudding, jello and had popsicles and ice cream at the ready.
I was told everything had to be cold to keep the swelling down.
Got it! 
 He was still sleepy when we arrived home, so he dozed off in his chair. I had to wake him up 30 mins. later for pain med.
Every night since I've set my alarm for every 4 hours to keep the Vicodin on schedule, (as per the Dr.), most of the time he's already awake.  He wakes from a dream yelling for me.
The Dr. also said the 5th day would be the worse.
I thought he was joking until the pain keeps increasing each day. Today was day 3. Last night his tongue turned black.
Bruised from the clamp used during surgery. He thought it was bad when the swelling from his pallet touched the swelling from his throat, but now that his tongue has swollen and is hurting twice as bad as his throat ever did, Lord help him!
Opened the 2nd bottle of Vicodin this afternoon.
We're climbing to day 5,
when we get there I may just push him over!  


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