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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Potato Beads

Yes, that's right, potato beads!
I know it sounds a little crazy...well, a lot crazy, but you can make beads from potatoes. You won't believe how great they can look!

Give it a try...all you can lose is a potato!!
Begin by peeling and cutting the potato in half.
Next cut the potato halves down into interesting shaped chunks
a little larger to allow for some shrinkage.

Put the beads on bamboo skewers.
Let them dry out completely, which usually takes a few days to a week.
Or if your impatient ;)
you can dry them in your oven at 200°F for three hours 
or until dry and hard.

When the beads are done drying they will be hard.

Once the beads are dry, you can remove them from the skewers and paint by hand with one or two coats of acrylic paint. Be sure to let dry completely between each coat. 

Alternately you can leave them on the skewers and 
spray paint them, again  
being sure to allow to dry between coats. 

Once your done painting follow with a couple coats of sealer.
I used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover in Clear Gloss. Be sure to let dry completely between each coat. 

There you go, your beads are ready to be used as you desire.
Gorgeous and inexpensive room divider, hang in a doorway, 

curtain, wall decoration, 
or maybe napkin rings.

Use as you would any other bead.

You can make the "chunks" any shape you'd like.

Quite lovely for a piece of potato huh?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Knitting Patterns: Oversized Wrap and Cabled Beret

Knitting Patterns: Oversized Wrap and Cabled Beret


Click on photos to enlarge
then print out :)

Monday, December 31, 2018

"This could have been preventable," Stanislaus Sheriff on police shootin...

12/28/18 - Press conference at the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department in regards to significant developments in the Newman investigation.

Pretty much every legislator in California ignored the killing of Corporal Ronil Singh. In fact, of the only politicians who even mentioned Singh's tragic death was House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R). Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) did retweet something said by New York Police Department Commissioner O'Neill saying he was thinking of the family. LINK

Community Vigil honoring Cpl Ronil Singh
 at Newman Downtown Plaza

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Town on Lockdown

3rd hit in less than a week
Still reeling from #1 and #2

On Dec. 26, 2018 at about 2 am our phones started sending alerts. 
We were under Blue Alert.

Blue Alert - The purpose of the Blue Alert Program is to establish a quick response system designed to issue and coordinate alerts following a violent attack upon a law enforcement officer. The goal of a Blue Alert is to provide immediate information to the public about violent suspects via media broadcasts, and other notification resources to solicit help from the public in the safe and swift apprehension of the suspect. 

These alerts continued throughout the morning on our phones and TV.
We were told to stay inside, lock doors and windows.
It took a few hours to find out exactly what was happening.

We finally got word.
Our K9 Officer Cpl. Ronil Singh was shot and killed at a routine traffic stop.
The suspect had disappeared, but they did have a description of his vehicle and photos of him at Chevron on Main St.
That's only a couple minutes from my home.

Hwy. 33 (N St.) which runs through our little town was closed.

About 3:30 pm we received an update: 

BLUE ALERT UPDATE - The suspect's vehicle has been located. The suspect is still outstanding. IF SEEN, CALL 9-1-1

About that time Hwy. 33 was semi-opened 
and a traffic check was posted.

Our community is in mourning and remembering Ronil by 
 dropping off flowers, cards, and balloons at the Station.

 Cpl. Ronil Singh was a very sweet man and an asset to the force.
Our sincere condolences go out to his wife and 5 month old little boy.

There have been no more updates to his whereabouts
 or where his vehicle was found.


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