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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Where are the Bananas?

OK, so you know that quote
" Necessity is the Mother of Invention " ?

That's exactly how this came about.
Our Bananas always seemed to be in the way. 
In a bowl on the top of the kitchen table, of course.
Our kitchen table has become everything but.
Move them here, move them there.  
Then when you want one it's like a treasure hunt! LOL

Yes, yes, I've seen those Banana Hangers in the store.
My counter space is practically nil.
 Where would I put the darn thing?

I happened to walk out back and lo and behold my light bulb turned on.
It's usually pretty dim, it shines on occasion -

I'm in the middle of collecting hand trowels for a sign post and had tossed other infrequently used hand tools nearby for our annual garage sale.

The answer was staring me right in the face!
Hand cultivators!

I grabbed them up headed inside and ran them 
through the sanitize cycle of my dishwasher.

After letting the wood handles dry for a few
weeks - those darn real life interruptions again -
I got to work.

Gathered some supplies:
Modge Podge
paint brush 
(or if your in a hurry with no time to clean a brush, Qtips work great!)

I wanted the base under my napkin to be a clean white
 so the pattern would show through in all its glory.
The wood handles got a coat of white craft paint. 

While the paint dried I separated my napkin

and started tearing it into small to medium pieces. 

By tearing it into pieces it makes it easier to apply it to the round handles. 

It also makes it harder to see any seams

Completely covered

Gave it a full coat of Mod Podge to seal it.
I let it dry to completely cure for a few days.

Here's one completely done

With Bananas :)

Here's the other!

Holding Bananas also :)

I love the way they turned out.
I love that you can coordinate them with you kitchen decor.
And hang them on the wall, where they aren't in the way!
So easy to do, but if you find yourself stretched on time, 
check out my Etsy Shop where the extra one will be.

Cross Stitch Patterns ~ Sharing

Enlarge, print, enjoy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Scatter Kindness ~ #sktrkndns ~ WW

All hidden from Los Banos to Merced to 
Livermore to Modesto and all over in between!

Found by Alicia F.
on Dec. 30, 2018

"My 10 year got so happy to find this. Thank you"☺️

Found by Lubo M.
on Oct. 2, 2018

(This little guy is seeing the sites!)

''Thanks for the add, this is my first rock found in 
Newman by my Drs office here's looking at yah''

Found by Genevieve F. G.
on April 4, 2019

Los Banos, Ca

Found by Lucia M.
on April 30, 2019

''I found it At Walmart parking lot in PATTERSON California. 
To CONTINUE with this beautiful Jester...''

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Good Bye Hot Sun

The front of our home faces the west.
In the Summer the sun literally beats in the front window.
When we first moved in, prior to the building of the front arbor for shade,
the kids would burn their hands on the the front door knob!!

The sun has melted several sets of mini blinds over the years.
So when I say it beats in and heats up this portion of the house it's no exaggeration!

I decided to put up One Way Mirror Window Film
which has Anti UV Heat Control for Sun Blocking.
It has a slight tint and is removable.

It's not hard to install since static cling basically holds it up.
I do like the one way "mirror" effect for privacy also.

I used 2
Rhodesy One Way Mirror Window Film, Anti UV Heat Control, Static
Cling, Privacy Window Film, Decorative, Removable, Window Tint Sun Blocking, 35.4x 78.7 inch, Silver ~ which I picked up from Amazon.

You'll also need sharp scissors, a sharp razor, squeegee, dish soap, spray bottle and a cup of COFFEE!

Clean your glass thoroughly.

Measure and cut film, leaving an extra 1-2 inches around the edges.

Remove the plastic liner that covers the sticky side.

Since I was doing this by myself, 
I found it helpful to use a couple of chairs to lay the film over.

Fill the squirt bottle about 3/4 with water,
add a squirt of dish soap.  Mix slowly so you don't get lots of bubbles.
Thoroughly spray the film

Also spray the window thoroughly with soapy water.

I found the more soapy water,
 the easier to slide the film into place, and/or readjust.
Put the film on the window.

I used one of those plastic cards you get in the mail for a squeegee.

 It worked perfectly

Trim away extra film on the edge of the window frame with your sharp razor.

Left half done.
You can see it's a bit darker than the right.

Both sides done.

Looking from outside in.
Mirror effect.  :)

We haven't hit the heat of the Summer yet, 
but it's already making a difference with intensity of the Sun.
A bit awkward to do by yourself, but well worthwhile.


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