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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Saving Another Old Linen

I have been meaning to create an inspiration board for a while now.
I finally got around to it a few weeks ago and now finally posting about it. Where does the time go?!

My oldest left his cork bulletin board here when he moved out. 
It's been sitting in the garage for...oh.. a few years ;)

I had a piece of linen with embroidery in the corner that was my Grandmother's and thought it would cottagefy (is that a word?)
 it a bit.

Only problem was it had a few holes and stains in it.

Out came the can of spray adhesive,

on went the linen ~
Luckily, I was able to adjust it so the holes and stains didn't show.

And there ya go!

I folded the excess around the back and used a stapler to attach it

Grandma's sweet little embroidery work makes me smile.

I decided to flip the embroidery to the 
top corner so it was more visible.
Added my corsage from my son's wedding and 
a few other memento's given to me from my children.

Then out came my jewelry/beads/etc. tote and Mom's buttons.
I embellished some tacks for interest
and am also using a few special pin backs as push pins also.

I found a long strip of pink fabric that had been removed from an article of clothing, the entire length is covered in rhinestones.
From Mom or Grandma ~
I ''draped'' it as best as I could across the top.
It's a continuous piece, I thought of cutting it so it could actually frame the board, but decided to leave it as found ~ as they had left it to be re-used at a later time.

It's so pretty, sparkly
I can only imagine what kind of dress it came off of,
maybe one of my Mom's Queen of the Holy Ghost Dresses
or in Grandma's supplies for Queens Dresses, since she made them all by hand. They were all heavily embellished with hand sewn beads, pearls, rhinestones and more.


~ ~ But I digress ~ ~

So darn pretty :)

It's now just about covered with photos and diagrams
of future projects that are swimming around in my head.

So glad I was able to reinvent one of my Grandma's pieces
and save it even though it had some issues.

My nostalgic side is showing 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dumpling Cat Crochet Pattern

Enlarge, print, make!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Rebatching Old Candles

What is rebatching you say?
It's basically remelting used wax and remaking a candle from it.

I don't know about you but I can't bare to toss away leftover wax from burned out candles ~ fragranced or not. I sort the colors in baggies with the intention of rebatching them into "new" candles. We lose electricity in the winter - sometimes a lot - so candles come in handy and let's face it~ I love candles!

When I came across not one but 2 boxes of all kinds of wax at a yard sale for 10 cents, I couldn't leave it there. These boxes contained huge hunks of plain wax along with votives without wicks, broken tapers, wax pebbles and more.
I still had my drawer of baggies I hadn't gotten around to use,
so in the Marie Kondo world of decluttering the only joy I was going to get was to use this wax up and have some 2 empty drawers.

I used to make scented candles all the time so I know the correct way but I wasn't making pretty candles (that's a whole other post)
 I was making candles for light in case of an electricity outage.
So I was doing it the easy peasy way.

I cut up the wax into small chunks.

I used my electric candle warmer. Placed a small glass jar on top and placed chunks of plain wax inside along with some colored wax for color.

Prep your candle jar with a wick

Go about your business doing your other milion things.
Check back once in a while to see if it's all melted.

When it is pour it in.

You can see the layers building up each time some is poured in.

Add more chunks.

Keep filling until your jar is full.

Out of all my wax I made 18 assorted sizes and colors of candles.
Now that's JOY.

Let there be light!

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