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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Growing and Crafting with Herbs

Fragrant Herbs

Growing herbs is easy and fun.

Here are some tips for growing and simple ways to use or

preserve your homegrown herbs.


Rosemary is a shrub with fragrant evergreen needle like leaves and will bloom blue flowers along the stems.

Rosemary is best planted in the spring and likes to grow in a sunny spot. A well draining sandy or loamy soil is best. Rosemary is drought tolerant when established.

There are a quite of different ways to use Rosemary. Such as making potpourri, a wreath, add to a floral spray, drink in tea, cooking and more.

*Tip* Make a brush with fresh Rosemary sprigs by tying the ends. Use to add sauce to meat while barbequing. You'll not only brushing on your sauce/marinade but adding Rosemary flavor also.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a flowering shrub with sprawling branches. Lemon Verbena prefers warm weather. Plant your Lemon Verbena in the spring in fertile soil. 

The fragrant slender leaves can be used in a variety of ways. The strong lemony scent bodes well in herbal sachets, bath bombs, soaps and cooking.

Bay Tree

The Bay Tree has large, pointed oval leaves that are deep, glossy green. Plants prefer partial shade but will tolerate full sun. The Bay prefers average garden soil.

Having pliable branches Bays are perfect for making wreaths, swags, even crowns. 

*TIP* Bay trees are easily propagated. Bay Tree propagation begins by taking cuttings, do this in summer when the wood is green and pliable. Take three or so cuttings at least 6'' long. You want the cutting to be firm but the wood should be easy to bend. Strip off all leaves from each cutting except the top two or three. Dip stems in rooting hormone and place in small pots. within a couple of months you should have rooted cuttings. Give them an easy tug, if you feel resistance you have roots!


Grow sage in the mild weather of spring or fall in well draining soil with lots of sunlight. 

Easily repel mosquitoes by tossing a few sage branches into your outdoor fire. They make excellent smudge bundles, wreaths, herbal sachets, place down the center of your dining table for a fragrant centerpiece base, soaps, decorate candles and more.

*TIP* Herbs are easy to grow. Most like full to partial sun, Semi-moist soil (meaning they can dry out between watering's), and they like to be trimmed. Trimming not only makes them more compact, but gives you trimmings to cook with.


Mint plants grow quickly and should be planted in the spring in a damp, moist area with well-draining soil. Mint likes a spot that's in either full sun or part shade. Its small white or purple summer blooming flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Mint makes for very fresh and stimulating bath teas, herbal swags, candles, and soaps. dried and crumbled on your carpet, then vacuumed up yields a fresh scented room.

*TIP* Mint loves to spread! Before you know it you will have a good patch of mint. To keep it in bounds, plant in a container to contain roots. Be sure to pinch off any flower buds you see. If you let them flower, seeds will form which is another way they sprout and spread easily.

Growing herbs gives you such a variety of ways to use in home décor and crafts.
Should you not be lucky enough to have an herb garden,
I do have several varieties in my Etsy Shop.


  1. I love drying herbs! Your lemon verbena is lovely! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  2. Thanks for sharing some great ideas for using herbs. I grew parsley, mint, and chives last year but hardly ever used them in my cooking. I need to develop the habit of using homegrown herbs, fresh or dried.

    1. I, too, have trouble at times remembering to go out and pick fresh herbs to cook with. It does make a big difference in the taste, in my opinion ♥

  3. These are great tips! I certainly need them because I tend to kill anything I attempt before I can even use them. I'd love to have you come share on my newest link party, Crafty Creators at LifeasaLEOWife.com. You can also share on Happiness is Homemade Link Party while you're there as well. I know my readers would enjoy these tips.

    1. Thank you so much for the invites! On my way ♥

  4. Great post on drying your own herbs! I love my herb garden and have never dried them before. thanks for all the great tips.

  5. I agree freshly grown herbs is way more tastier than store bought ones, Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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