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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Senior Side ~ WW

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Monday, February 3, 2020

A Child's Valentine Remembrance

Some of us are lucky to have lots of little's in our life - whether it be grand babies, next door neighbors, or friends children.
here's a quick and inexpensive way to give each a little love so no 
one will be left out.

A messy table is a sign of creativity or you have too many projects going at once!

You'll need:

Mod podge (glue)
a brush
empty toilet paper tubes
pretty paper
ribbons,bakers twine, jute (something to tie with)
goodies to put inside

Grab a TP tube and apply glue from one end to the other.

I happened to find red foil in my stash, that's what I used.
I didn't bother to measure, I just eyeballed it.

Start at one end of your paper that is cut straight, 
place it on top of where you applied the glue, press down.
Apply another strip of glue near the underside, 
roll tube on to it pulling taught, but not to taught that it will tear.
Complete the same steps over until the whole tube is covered with your paper.
Cut off excess.

It's OK if you didn't cut it close, 
you can trim any excess away now.

You'll have two covered tubes with extra paper on each end.
Let them sit for a few minutes to dry.

Now you need to tie one end

~What I did~
I have both boys and girls to give to.
I found red seam tape and red lace in my trims drawer.
I used the lace to tie the ends for the girls 
and the solid seam tape to tie the boys.
Why? the girls will vary from the boys 
and I didn't want to get them mixed up

The other end is kept open for now so it can be filled
with whatever goodies you decide.

Little toys, money, toy jewelry, and, of course, candy!

Start filling!
I was actually surprised at how much these TP tubes could hold!

Once filled, tie the other end to match.

You can decorate with stickers or embellish if you like.
Add tags if they are for someone specific


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