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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Check This out!

    History Mystery
Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected to President in 1960
Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both Presidents were shot in the head.
Now it gets really weird.
Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln .
Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln , was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.
John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln , was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.
Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are composed of fifteen letters.
 Now hang on to your seat.
Lincoln was shot at the theater named 'Ford.'  
                Kennedy was shot in a car called ' Lincoln ' made by 'Ford.' 
Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse.
Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater.
Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.
And here's the kicker...  
A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe , Maryland
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.

Creepy huh?

1) Fold a NEW PINK
$20 bill in half...

2) Fold again, taking care to
fold it exactly as below
 3) Fold the other end, exactly as before

                    4) Now, simply turn it over...                               

 What a coincidence!
A simple geometric fold
creates a catastrophic premonition printed on all
                            $20 bills!!!                             
As if that
Here is what
you've seen...
Firstly The Pentagon on fire...

Then The Twin Towers.  
..And now 
at this!
$20 BILL
It gets even better!! 9 + 11=$20!!
This is too interesting to pass up!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pre-Holiday Sale

Pre-Holiday Sale!
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Dragonfly Treasure

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Bump in the Road

"A bump in the road" .... remember that calloused statement?
I don't know the author of this poem … received it today.  Very thought provoking and poignant. 
I do recall, however, the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road."  Today I heard an ex-Navy Seal being interviewed on Fox News regarding a book he has written about how to handle crisis situations in our lives.  At the end of the interview he asked if he could make a comment on Benghazi and of course the anchor said yes.  He then thanked Fox News for keeping th e Benghazi story in the news, since other news organizations are not.  He said the Seals who died deserve the public knowing the truth about the whole affair.
The poem was written by a MARINE CORPS Officer (ANON).
We're the battling boys of Benghazi
No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell
Defending our country we loved so well. 
It wasn't our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty Countrymen from the jaws of fate
Led them to safety, and stood at the gate. 
Just the two of us, and foes by the score,
But we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
So we fought, and we fought, and we fought ‘til we died. 
We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
But Barack Obama didn't give a damn.
Just two dead seals who carried the load
No thanks to us..........we were just "Bumps In The Road".

  Something has to be done with the incompetent people who literally sat there in the White House and watched the Seal’s execution on live streaming video and did absolutely nothing!   The Obama Administration must be held accountable and that will not happen unless ALL of US demand it!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's That Time of Year.....Again

Aw, the Holiday Season
It will be upon us before we know it
A time of caring and sharing.......

Are you ready?
Colds seem to be the worst for me.
You're sick, but not sick
enough to stop doing what you have to.
 I love to hear:
''you just have a cold''
No actually I have turned into a mouth breather!
I'm so stuffed up and congested, my nose no longer works.
It's such a joy to lay down and feel your head filling up.
You lay and wait for it to explode....
but it doesn't, at least then you'd get some relief!
So when I was asked by bzzagent to review Claritin-D for cold congestion I thought heck yeh!
A product that works hard to relieve nasal congestion
and sinus pressure, yay!

I thought Claritin was just for allergies and since I don't have 
 allergies I'd never tried it before..Now, I have never wanted to get a   cold before, and would still prefer not to.
But as they say, be careful what you wish for.
Claritin-D ,which is found behind the pharmacy counter, advertises:
It relieves nasal and sinus congestion due to colds, as well as allergies
Provides non-drowsy relief in both 12- and 24-hour formulations
#1 pharmacist recommended adult multi-symptom allergy product
A question I wondered was what is the difference between
 Claritin and Claritin-D?
Both Claritin and Claritin-D relieve sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and itching of the nose and throat. Claritin-D also has a decongestant to relieve nasal congestion and sinus pressure due to cold or allergy.
All I know is now I can breathe!!
*Disclosure - I was given the chance to try and review this product as a BzzCampaign through BzzAgent. I was not paid any money for this review. I was simply given the product to try. All opinions are my own.

Bible Study

"Left" and "Right"
: A little Bible study

Remember what Jesus said: 'Goats on the left,
sheep on the right'.
To Peter, 'if you want to catch fish do it from the
right side of the boat. They did and filled the boat.

Left & Right...
Origin of Left & Right...

I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the "right" and Liberals are called the "left”.
By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:
"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen.

Can't get any simpler than that.

Spelling LessonThe last four letters in American..........I Can
The last four letters in Republican........I Can
The last four letters in Democrats.........Rats

Here endeth the lesson. Test to follow in November 6, 2014. 
Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent removal month.


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