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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020

No Leg Table Gets New Home

This little table lost it's legs many years ago. It fit perfectly for a bedside table in my bedroom.  I didn't want to get rid of it so in a quick repair mode I bolted an old book where the legs were. Hey, it worked out really great, if I say so myself!  It lasted about 10 yrs. like that and would still be there if I hadn't come across a replacement in my Treasure Pile.

I still didn't want to toss it.
There was something about it I loved.
I had an idea...yes, yes, I know - dangerous!

I decided to try and make a table for the deck with it.
I dug around and found a nice size planter. Wasn't crazy about the color and the table need a paint job too. 

I chose Krylon Hyacinth for the table and Rust-oleum Modern Mint for the planter from my spray paints.

The planter received 2 coats of paint

Next was the table.  Yes, the book stayed attached, the table would fall over without it and I didn't feel like try to take it off.  It was stuck on there pretty good.

The table received 3 coats of paint.

Once both pieces were dry, I married them together. The table fit perfectly in the planter. I placed big pieces of Styrofoam around the base to stabilize it.

Placing a level on the table top to be sure it stayed level.

Added a few rocks to help keep the table in place

Filled it with a combination of potting soil and succulent soil.
Planted some succulents and Portulaca I picked up at a fund raiser for a local rescue.

I happened to find a plant roller in my stash and painted it to match the planter. I can roll it anywhere I may need a small table.

Really happy with the way this tuned out.

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