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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

10 Things You Had No Idea Salt Could Do

Salt can help freshen up fake flowers.
Put them in a bag and shake it up!

Use salt in your spinach washing routine and
never rewash it again!

Salt is great for removing fruit stains from skin

Salt is an exceptional tool for 
cleaning brass, silver, and copper.
Put it in a cloth and rub!
Then rinse.

Rub your hands with lemon juice and 
salt to get rid of onion odors from cooking!

Soak old sponges in cold water and salt.
The odor is gone!

Douse your fireplace with salt 
and it will go out faster

Salt is ideal for cleaning cast iron cookware.
Just use a dry cloth and scrub!

Salt is also great at cleaning wicker items.
Use salt and warm water with a brush or sponge

Wet and cover a bee sting with 
salt to alleviate swelling and pain

Make milk last a little longer.
 Add a pinch before it expires and it won't sour for about 5 or so extra days!

 Great for cleaning tea/coffee stained mugs/cups.
Sprinkle some in the mug and wipe 
around with a cloth or scourer

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