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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fertilizer Friday ~ 10/15/10

Once again we join Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday!

Please pop over and see what everyone is flaunting!

Tomatoes anyone??

We went from mid 70's last week into the upper 90's this week
bringing on a flush of ripe Tomatoes.

I picked these this morning to add
 to the drawer full I already have in the frig!
With the cooler temps last week my mind changed gears from
canning to baking which brought on a hunt for green tomato recipes.
So, not in a canning mood, I looked for fresh Tomato recipes and found
a Fresh Tomato Cake recipe.
It's in the oven as we speak!
If it's any good I'll share the recipe ♥

You see they'll be plenty of time for the green recipes.... 

as there are tons more Toms out there!



I had to go to the store for Cream Cheese Frosting (for the cake)
and spied little Mums on sale for $1.49

I need to get them in the ground
but for now they are keeping "The Old Geezer" company ☺☺

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Treasure from Last Weekend

Today I'm joining Linda over at Coastal Charm
for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays
Diane over at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
for 2nd Time Around

and Suzanne over at Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday

Here's the rest of my fab finds from last weekend!

We stopped at a yard sale and found a few goodies. 

Basket with bird in nest (in need a drastic makeover) .25,
an enamelware cup, old canning jar with tin lid and neat old book .10 each

a box of 6 cones of crochet yarn .50 each, free coin purse, new with tags glass Lady Bug Ornament (my MIL collects lady bugs) .50, candle stand $1, old working Holiday windowsill light .25

Lastly we stopped at farm sale...yipppeeee!! 

Didn't need this old window, but for a buck I couldn't leave it there!

Grubby, dirty, perfectly gorgeous!
Just when I've used all the old windows in my Treasure Pile....
I go and get another! LOL

and old Milk Bottle crate $1

from the Carnation Milk Co.

I hit the jack pot of vintage 4th of July decorations!!
Not sure how many little flags there are, haven't counted them yet! LOL
Lots of all sizes honeycomb fold out bells,
and a role of crepe paper streamer
$2. for all

A couple of prim decorations $2 each, 2 more milk glass vases .25 each, chamber pot .50, tin heart cookie cutter .10, stamp .25, a retro candle holder/hurricane .25, white gloves .25, doilies .50,
pair Boopie Candle Holders .50 both, and old rusty pruning saw to go with my daughters Halloween Costume .25

The sales will probably start winding down for the season, but what a way to go out with all these goodies.

I'll be busy through Winter making/cleaning/creating with all these.  


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