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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Here, I'm There, I'm Everywhere!

I know my posts have been a bit sporadic lately,
and I apologize,
but that thing called life keeps getting in my way!
If anyone out there knows how to get it to leave them alone,
please share the secret!!
Between Doctor appointments, the big ''D'', all that entails
 and creating, there just doesn't seem to be enough
time or energy in the day!
The kids and I just keep running and running....
where the finish line is I just don't know! LOL
Actually, I don't think there is one
My gardens are a mess, so is the house, Mount Laundry finally got done due to those dear people at Purex for sending me to try and review their new Purex Ultrapacks plus Oxi  Laundry Detergent. That reminds me there is still time to enter the fab GIVEAWAY!Pop over and enter for a free package!

I miss catching up with all of you.
But sometimes things have to give and
unfortunately my blogging suffered,
as did my Etsy Shop.
But I'm hoping things settle down a bit...
ahh, who am I kidding.
C will be having surgery for his 
Ganglion Cyst in the near future.
Waiting on the EMG to see if a
Carpel Tunnel surgery will be done
 at the same time.
His primary care physician has ordered
another Sleep Study which takes place next week.
He already had his PFT done.
He goes to the dentist tomorrow..
yes, we are paying for all the
Dr's. new 2014 vehicles this year.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, know how I feel about all the Dr's. and tests. Most of these visits have been a waste of time since none of the tests were done. Ah, insurance....why do they always put the cart before the horse???

''Incompetence Runs Rampant''

Yep, Still my favorite saying,

Thought I would take this opportunity to share
what's been going on in the craft room
 A few things I've finally finished

Halloween Items

A basket full of faux Caramel Apples,
"Boo" Pumpkins,
and "Witch's Books  

A passel of "Potions"

Witch's Apothecary

Scary Signage

Potion and Spell Books

"Together Forever"

"Boo" Pumpkins

Other Items

 Embellished Candles 

Found Roadside Drawer 

turned Foot Stool


Sorry this turned into such a long post
Hope to see you next time
What have you been up to?
Or has real life gotten in your way too?

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Sun Gets Hungry Too!

This is what my Gazebo started out like about 8 years ago.
Climbing plants were added throughout the years all the way around it, so eventually I would have ''walls''.
The only exception was, of course, the entrance
and a faux doorway.
Looking through side portals

Windows were added
And a Petunia chair to the outside corner

Update to now.

I purchased this replacement roof from the same company that made this gazebo.  The replacement, cost an arm and a leg, never fit just right like the original did. It was a tad too small and just kind of wonky (that is a word right?).
That was about 4 years ago.
Needles to say the Sun and weather have taken
their toll and the cover is in shreds.
Which is what I was waiting for.
Yes, that may sound odd, but my initial plan was to have a cover long enough for the variegated and regular Honeysuckle and climbing Roses time to mature and grow big enough to provide cover for the roof.
They are almost there, so no need to buy a replacement that probably won't fit correctly again!
On the bright side, (pun intended) I don't have to take down my Mason Chandy and place it in the Sun to recharge.
There is plenty of Sun that reaches it now :)
Hopefully my container plants will still
have enough protection

from the elements to continue to thrive.
Odd but the large piece that is left protects
them from the afternoon Sun.

I would have thought that piece would
be the first to get eaten up.
I'm sure when Winter arrives there
 probably won't be much of it left.
But come next Spring,
it will look marvelous!

yeh, yeh, fingers crossed ;)

Til next time, get out there and get those pretty nails dirty!


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