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Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is continued from yesterdays post.

Debbi and Glenda think my mystery plants are Maple Trees!
Thanks ladies!!

Wow! Really? I don't even know if we have Maples here...maybe in town with some of the old Victorian homes.
I'd love to have a Maple, but these are right under our "came with the house" tree that no one can identify. The builder was to put Modesto Ash trees in all the front yards but it seems in our court he didn't. We've had professionals come out and try to figure out what the tree s and they don't even know. Pretty bad when County Agricultural Extension doesn't even know...
but I digress...
Maybe I'll pull one and leave the other and try to keep it a small bush??
Wonder if that is even possible.

I think maybe an experiment is in order

Friday, September 14, 2012

Help With Plant ID

As most of you know I've been going through a rough time.
Needless to say, and believe me I'm embarrassed to say, I have neglected my gardens. Well, I worked on the front this morning and found two of these plants. Now, of course, I've planted seeds and things here and there over the past few years since I tore out the lawn and replaced it with the garden, but do you think I remember what and where I planted things..NO!
So I don't know if these are weeds, something I've planted in the past and finally decided to grow or something the birds have planted for me 
They are both about 3 feet tall and look very healthy (probably a weed!!) LOL
any who I was hoping some one may recognize it and let me know whether to pull or leave.

Thank you for looking!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leftover T-Shirt Strips

OK, so now that the T-Shirt rug is finished, what the heck do I do with all the leftover strips?
I started playing around braiding them into bracelets
 (yes, jumping on the band wagon again!).
They seemed too blah.
So out came the beads and charms.
These have already sold!


OK needed to make a loopy one...it sold too!
You know I can't stick with one thing too long....
so I needed to think of some other design to come up with...
here it is!
Twisted T-Shirt Bracelets
A little more upscale than the braided ones.
I love them!
These are up for grabs, as I have just finished them.
So if your interested let me know.
 Hoping to get them listed next week.
Cute little reminder gifts...you know Christmas is right around the corner...uggh!

Thanks for looking ♥

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, I've been busy making Strawberry Fig Jam
and Raspberry Fig Jam.
And picking apples too.
They don't seem to stay around long
enough to make Applesauce :(

I'm joining :

Etsy Cottage Style Kitchen


Just listed in my shop! 
Poisoned Apple for Snow White

 Mad for Plaid Halloween Pumpkin

Potion Bottles***SOLD

Primitive Halloween Seance Circle Book

Primitive Witch Spell Book***SOLD

 Bleeding Candle

Petrified Shark Teeth

Hoping to get the rest of these listed this week,
so if you see something you like let me know :)

Skeleton Assemblage

 Merry Widow Bracelet

 Black Widow Necklace

Grubby Prim Apples

Fall Drieds

Stuffed Pumpkins

Halloween Tags

The Coven Assemblage

Thanks for looking!


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