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Friday, September 14, 2012

Help With Plant ID

As most of you know I've been going through a rough time.
Needless to say, and believe me I'm embarrassed to say, I have neglected my gardens. Well, I worked on the front this morning and found two of these plants. Now, of course, I've planted seeds and things here and there over the past few years since I tore out the lawn and replaced it with the garden, but do you think I remember what and where I planted things..NO!
So I don't know if these are weeds, something I've planted in the past and finally decided to grow or something the birds have planted for me 
They are both about 3 feet tall and look very healthy (probably a weed!!) LOL
any who I was hoping some one may recognize it and let me know whether to pull or leave.

Thank you for looking!!


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