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Sunday, September 1, 2019

How to Dry Flower Petals

I first started saving rose petals years ago when they would fall from a bouquet. I'd place them is a pretty dish. I'd even get a whiff of their scent from that dish once in a while. Not sure why I had such a hard time tossing them out, perhaps it was because I didn't have a garden. Then it wasn't just roses, but all different flower petals set in dishes throughout the house. They still looked sentimentally pretty to me.  I started adding beads, old jewelry, pearls in with them.
All those bowls and by now apothecary jars made me smile.

Jump forward a couple of decades and I now have my gardens.
I now go out in the morning to see what's blooming.

Roses are still my favorite to dry

I pull off all the petals

And then the hip.
 I don't want it to waste it's energy to turn into fruit.

I drop the petals into my collection box.

Feverfew looks like little daisies

the flowers are easy to pop off.

I have paths through my back gardens that all need to be checked for flowers.

Picken's for the day

They then get placed from my collection box onto parchment paper
which lines the lid of a tote. I spread them out into the thinnest layer possible.

Ready for natural air drying.

My collection box opens up large enough to cover the majority of the fresh petals to protect from any light that may reach them and any wind that may come up.

Not all quite dry enough yet, I spread them apart further.

It always amazes me how much the petals shrink.

They then go into a larger tote that gets stored in my dark garage.
Each time it's opened, the scent is amazing!

The flowers change according to the seasons. So there is quite a mixture.
There's so many things you can do with dried flower petals.

Wedding Toss, is very popular, as are Flower Girl Baskets
Soaps, Bath Bombs, Sachets, Table Decor, Candles, Dream Pillows, Eye Pillows, and of course, Potpourri. There are many more.

Easy to dry for yourself.
But if time eludes you, I do sell these in my Etsy Shop

An idea one of my customers used for her wedding.

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