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Friday, April 7, 2017

Easy Quick Easter Eggs Garlands

Need some last minute Easter Decor that's quick, 
easy and won't break the bank?
When I came across these plastic pastel eggs at 
Walmart for $1.98 a bag -
48 regular size or 24 large size - 
I knew they were just what I needed.
Pastel colors for my front entrance, 
this could be something fun.

You'll need the plastic eggs, some string 
and ribbon (optional)

These eggs already had holes in each end 
which made them easy to string together.
I didn't even need a needle!

I wanted some ribbon dangling off each end.
 I searched and found pastel green, aqua, and lavender.
I cut 4 lengths of each color about 10'' long.
I opened what would be the 1st egg of the garland,
strung the string through the hole and tied it to the ribbons that 
were strung through the opposite half of the egg's hole
 then closed it and continued threading on the rest of the eggs. 

I made 2 garlands, one with the regular size eggs 
and one with the larger eggs.
Both had the ribbon ends, which is your preference 
whether or not you'd like them or not.
Then hang wherever you'd like a little more Easter fun.

I hung the regular size egg garland above my front door, 
adding green curling ribbon in the center I found in my stash.
It goes well with my Spring Bouquet, 
wheel barrow of pastel eggs,

simple door wreath,

as well as some of my other 
Easter decorations.

The large size egg garland went above the entrance of the arbor.
Again adding curling ribbon I found in my stash in the center,
 this time purple.

There ya have it, quick, easy peasy and inexpensive!
What could be better?
Easy enough the kiddos could make them ~ 
keeping them busy!! :)


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