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Saturday, January 31, 2015

5 Scams to Watch for in 2015

Thieves have their tried and tested scams that they turn to again and again to trick unsuspecting victims. I can’t tell you what scams 2015 will bring, but odds are the majority of them will resemble these scams found on the list top 5 reported scams from StaySafeOnline. Keeping watch for variations of this scam will help you protect your identity this year.
Fake Check Scams
In this scam, you receive a check and are asked to cash it through your account. You get a portion of the money received as ‘payment’ and send the rest off to another bank account or by wire transfer. Turns out, the check is fake. Fall victim to this scam and you’ll be on the hook for the full amount of the check plus any fees.

Internet Merchandise Scams
You buy an item online from a bogus retailer and it never arrives. Spot this scam by looking for deals that are too good to be true – any deal that promises to sell you top shelf items at less than half the cost, for instance. Protect yourself by paying with a credit card (they offer protections against fraud like this).

Prize Scams
“You’re a winner!” Only if you fall victim to this scam, you’re not. This scam tells you that you’ve won a prize and asks for money to cover the fees, taxes, etc. There is no prize; pay out and you’ll simply lose the money and won’t receive the promised prize.
Loan Scams
Pay a fee and get a loan. This scam offers a line of credit in exchange for a sign-up fee. Once the fee is paid, the loan never materializes and you’re out the money you paid.

Phishing Scams
You receive an email (often from an organization that you’re associated with) that asks for personal information or asks you to follow a link. Share your info and you’ll likely fall victim to ID theft or fraud very soon. Avoid phishing scams by clicking on email links carefully. If you’re not sure if an email is legitimate, contact the company in question yourself and ask. Most legitimate companies will not ask you to share your personal information over email.

Watching out for scams such as these will help you protect your identity this year.

Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Identity Theft Trends & Predictions

Predictions: ID Theft Trends in 2015 
With 2015 in full swing, let's look at the trends that will impact our privacy and identities in the coming months. Here are some trends to watch for this year: 
Increase in mobile malware - Traditional malware attempts to infect your computer with malicious software. While that threat will not be going away in 2015, look for new malware that targets your mobile phone. Protect your device by only installing reputable apps from secure app stores. Keep apps and mobile software up to date as enhanced security features are usually part of regular app and software updates. 
Targeted spam - Email spam that is full of misspellings and generic greetings will be taken over by highly relevant spam in 2015. Scammers will likely spend more time researching victims on social networks and will use that information to tailor spam to each individual. Use caution when clicking on links contained in unsolicited emails, and never share sensitive personal information over email - if the request is a legitimate one from a reputable company they will most likely ask you to call or log in to your account to provide personal information. 
Mobile payment fraud - As mobile payment options like Apple Pay become more widespread, hackers and ID thieves will likely target these services. While preventing these attacks is mostly the burden of the specific provider, you can do your part by regularly monitoring your accounts and checking receipts to ensure that any payment stemming from these services is a legitimate one.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Plan a Winning Big Game Party

If you want to have a big-game bash that your friends will remember after the final whistle blows, you need to have a game plan. Here’s how you can make your party worthy of a championship.

 Set the mood.
Create a great game-day atmosphere with football-themed party supplies such as football field table covers, banners, streamers, paper plates and cups. If you’ve got the opposing team’s jerseys, t-shirts or hats, hang them on the walls. Keep a soft football or two around the house to toss around between plays. If you really want to go over the top, you can offer to paint your guests’ faces in their team’s colors.
Flamingo Toes has some awesome pintable's and decorative ideas to get everyone in the BIG GAME mood!
Flamingo Toes

This may come in handy too!
Check your equipment.
You can’t beat a large, dust-free flat screen to take in all the action. With the TV off, gently clean the monitor with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use paper towels or tissues as they can scratch the surface. If you’ve got a home sound-system, check the connections for optimum audio quality. Clear any unnecessary furniture or clutter from the viewing area and make sure there’s plenty of room for all to sit or stand up and cheer after a score.

Have plenty of food and drink on hand.

Watching an event this exciting can take a lot out of your guests, so make sure you serve plenty of refreshments to refuel the fans. Put out bowls of chips, pretzels and dips for the pre‑game. Once the game starts, break out the nachos with salsa, melted cheese and sour cream. A hearty pot of chili, hero sandwiches, pizza and buffalo chicken wings are always crowd favorites. Have plenty of soft drinks and water on hand to keep everyone hydrated and happy.
A few quick and easy food ideas 
Salami, cheese, and olives. That’s it

Just put out your favorite Nacho toppings and everyone can create their own.
Pop in microwave to heat and your done.
Easy peasy Pepperoni Rollups
4-6 Tbs. unsalted butter
3/4 c brown sugar
1 package of softened cream cheese. {8 oz.}
1 tsp vanilla 
1/2 tsp salt

Melt the butter and sugar in the microwave together for 2 min covered, stirring half-way.
mix in cream cheese until its all melted and combined, may even need an electric mixer to be sure it’s completely smooth. add vanilla and salt (or omit the salt if you use salted butter).

Don’t forget the bathroom.
It’s a long day and the bathroom will be busy, so make sure it’s clean and well stocked with plenty of hand soap, clean towels, room deodorizer and toilet paper. After all, you don’t want your loo to look like a locker room.

Now sit back and enjoy the game!

#Petuniaskincare 1.0mm #Derma #Roller + #Eye #Serum + #Anti-aging Serum Review

Petunia Skincare Derma Roller, Anti-aging Serum, and Eye Serum
3 reviews in one!  
Petunia Skincare PREMIUM Derma Roller

Product Description from Petunia Skincare

''Recommended on the Doctors Show the Derma Roller Can Help With Sagging Skin, Acne Scars and Stretch Marks

Do You Suffer From the Following Problems?:
- Superficial acne scarring
- Deep scars and stretch marks
- Sagging skin
- Wrinkles and fine lines
- Cellulite
- Large pores
- Hyperpigmentation
- Lax Skin & Elasticity

Discover Radiant and Brand New Skin After Using Our Derma Roller:
- Firmer and thicker skin
- Help smooth facial scars
- Stimulate collagen and elastin production
- Helps with scar removal and fading stretch marks
- Stimulate hair growth
- Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
- Save money from surgery and laser
- Can be used on any part of the skin
- Creates multi micro-channels in the skin, allowing products more able to penetrate into the skin at a deeper level

Why Choose Stainless Steel:
- Is strong and the best material for this type
- The gold standard has always been surgical stainless steel
- Used by tattooists, doctors, surgeons and acupuncturists
- Stainless steel offers the least reactions to the skin


 Petunia Skincare backs their products with a 90 days 100% Money Back Guarantee! Try it RISK-FREE!'' 

Needles, did they say needles? On my face, oh my!
The first thing that comes to mind is it's going to hurt.
Well, buck up buttercup, because it doesn't hurt!
The needles are so tiny!
I've been using this for a couple of weeks now as described -
2-3 times a week, and am starting to see improvement in not only my dark spots but also those darn wrinkles.
I love the way Petunia's Anti-aging Serum gets absorbed so easily after using the Derma Roller.   
Petunia Skincare Anti-aging Serum

Product Description from Petunia Skincare

''Recommended by Dr. Oz - Experience What Hyaluronic Acid Can Do to Help Reverse the Signs of Aging and Wrinkled Skin

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?:
Don't let the word "acid" fool you. Hyaluronic acid isn't harsh or skin-stripping at all. In fact, it's the exact opposite - a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking.

If you suffer from any of these problems then Petunia Skincare's Hyaluronic Acid Serum is perfect for you:
- Skin that is dull, lifeless, dry and dehydrated
- Aging skin with loss of elasticity and collagen
- Wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines
- Uneven skin tone complexion and rough skin texture
- Dark circles and spider veins

Be prepared to experience a transformation in your skin with the help of our POTENT and HIGH QUALITY hyaluronic acid serum:
- Skin that is supple, firmer, softer and plumper (younger looking skin!)
- Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Retain moisture and elastin in the skin
- Diminished appearance of dark circles and puffiness
- Overall vibrant, glowing and even complexion

Thoroughly formulated with high quality ingredients that yield results
- Contains vegan hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and ferulic acid
- Contains 98% natural ingredients and made in the USA at our FDA approved facility
- Produced in small batches to guarantee freshness and potency
- Cruelty Free

This Is the Ultimate All-In-One Anti Aging and Moisturizing Serum You'll Ever Need
Petunia Skincare backs their products with a 90 days 100% Money Back Guarantee - even if the bottle is empty! Try it RISK-FREE!''

Prior to using Petunia Skincare's Hyaluronic Acid serum I had zero experience with hyaluronic acid and was quite nervous that this might dry out my skin even more. Boy was I wrong. It's slightly thick and absorbs right into my skin, especially after using 
Petunia's Skincare Derma Roller. My skin feels smoother, more hydrated and has plumped up filling in those pesky wrinkles. One drop is all you need, no sticky feeling or strong odor. A definite must for younger looking skin!
Petunia Skincare Revitalize Eye Serum

Product Description from Petunia Skincare


''Tired of Waking Up With Dark, Tired, Sagging, and Puffy Eyes?

Petunia Skincare's Revitalize Eye Serum is a revolutionary eye serum that addresses:
- Tired Eyes: revitalizes and awakens the feeling of tired eyes
- Dark Circles, Swollen and Puffy Eyes: helps reduce dark circles, puffiness and the feeling of swollen eyes
- Wrinkles and Fine Lines: plumps skin and helps to diminish and fill in wrinkles and fine lines
- Wonderful Moisturizer and Anti-Ager: sea kelp acts as an excellent oil-free moisturizer
Unlike ordinary eye creams, our eye serum has a silky and plush texture that feels refreshing and yields dramatic results:
- Absorbs quickly and seamlessly into the delicate area of our eyes
- Instantly refreshes and revitalizes the eyes
- Reduces appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and swollen eyes
- Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
- Firms and lifts the skin around the eyes
- Hydrates and prevents premature aging around the eyes
- Increases elasticity and plumpness
The TOP BEST all-natural ingredients essential in preventing signs of aging, reducing dark circles, puffiness, and revitalizing tired eyes:
- Sea Kelp Bioferment
- Vitamin C
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Ferulic Acid
- Vitamin B3
- Coconut Endosperm
- Natural Active Peptides
- Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
- Matryixl 3000
- Caffeine

Petunia Skincare backs their products with a 90 days 100% Money Back Guaranteee - even if the bottle is empty! Try it RISK-FREE!''
Nice thick eye serum. Produces less puffiness, dark circles, and skin around eyes appears brighter. Again only a small amount is needed. I love how this yellow serum also absorbs quickly. No sticky feeling after applying.

 I use the Revitalize Eye Serum along with my Derma Roller and Hyaluronic Serum. All products work extremely well together. I used the Derma Roller then apply the Eye Serum under my eyes, Hyaluronic Serum on my face followed by my moisturizer, as directed. I do see a definite more youthful appearance in my complexion the last few weeks. I am extremely impressed by these three  products from Petunia Skincare. The serums have the fastest absorption rate of any serums I have tried, with the Derma Roller excelling the absorption.  Smooth's skin as advertised, reduces age spots, imperfections, diminishes wrinkles. Such a great trio! A must for aging skin.

Petunia Skincare is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and does not test any products on animals.
Petunia's Derma Roller + Eye Serum + Anti-aging Serum 
gets a BIG 2 Dragonflies up!
Petunia's Derma Roller, Eye Serum, and Anti-aging Serum  
is available on Amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Passing Down Treasure

My Sister has been cleaning/purging her home lately and passing cast-offs down to me...yippee!
Although now to think of it...I'm starting to think I'll show up on one of those hoarders shows ~ She has a MUCH bigger house than I do.....  
Nah! ;)

My van and B's van were loaded up at Thanksgiving.
Such fun to go thru all the goodies.

Included was this HUGE brass tray.
So unique, but what was I to do with it?
First off I wanted to clean it.
Hunted for some brass polish and nada.

So I hit it with ketchup and let it sit for a while until I got back around to it. 

 Viola, clean and shiny!
And much better than using a chemical cleaner.

And believe it or not she sent her 3 precious
Orchid Cactus home with me!
Every once in a while her and hubby takes a little trip
and she feels these poor babies get neglected while they're gone. 
Let me tell you these babies are huge! 
Unfortunately a lot of their "branches" were broken between transporting to and from the van and on the car ride home.

Once home I had to decide where to put them.
We don't have many windows in our home and with the dogs and cats they needed to be somewhere safe, so into my room they went.
I tried 2 of them on my craft table, which would have been
OK if it weren't my craft table ....

they took up most of the room :/

Did I mention they are HUGE?
And heavy, was afraid this little old Baker's Rack
wouldn't be strong enough over the long haul.

I moved them around trying to find the perfect place in my bed/craft room. At least I have 3 windows so they each got their own.

Here is where they ended up.
One on my craft table, see how long it is?
They all were in plant stands so they were able to hang down easily. I didn't have the floor room for all the plant stands which really bummed me out because one was wrought iron from my Grandmother.

 Here's also where that huge brass tray went.
I placed it on top of my childhood dress/desk, then topped it with a scarf. I figured if ever the water overflows from the planter it will go onto the tray instead of my dresser/desk.
My little orchid is dwarfed by the size of this of this one.
I swear they remind me of spiders sometimes! LOL

If you remember from this post,
this is the one that has that gorgeous bloom!
Here it is blooming in the sunroom these came from,
via my Sister.

That's my Grandmother's wrought iron plant stand.
It still needs to find a place of it's own.

The last one when onto it's plant stand in front of the Baker's Rack.

Now these poor babies came from a sunroom that is all glass, sunny most of the time and nice and cozy warm into my small bedroom which is pretty chilly in the winter.

But look! This new growth is on the one with the pretty bloom!
Maybe they will be happy after all...
fingers crossed!


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