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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Passing Down Treasure

My Sister has been cleaning/purging her home lately and passing cast-offs down to me...yippee!
Although now to think of it...I'm starting to think I'll show up on one of those hoarders shows ~ She has a MUCH bigger house than I do.....  
Nah! ;)

My van and B's van were loaded up at Thanksgiving.
Such fun to go thru all the goodies.

Included was this HUGE brass tray.
So unique, but what was I to do with it?
First off I wanted to clean it.
Hunted for some brass polish and nada.

So I hit it with ketchup and let it sit for a while until I got back around to it. 

 Viola, clean and shiny!
And much better than using a chemical cleaner.

And believe it or not she sent her 3 precious
Orchid Cactus home with me!
Every once in a while her and hubby takes a little trip
and she feels these poor babies get neglected while they're gone. 
Let me tell you these babies are huge! 
Unfortunately a lot of their "branches" were broken between transporting to and from the van and on the car ride home.

Once home I had to decide where to put them.
We don't have many windows in our home and with the dogs and cats they needed to be somewhere safe, so into my room they went.
I tried 2 of them on my craft table, which would have been
OK if it weren't my craft table ....

they took up most of the room :/

Did I mention they are HUGE?
And heavy, was afraid this little old Baker's Rack
wouldn't be strong enough over the long haul.

I moved them around trying to find the perfect place in my bed/craft room. At least I have 3 windows so they each got their own.

Here is where they ended up.
One on my craft table, see how long it is?
They all were in plant stands so they were able to hang down easily. I didn't have the floor room for all the plant stands which really bummed me out because one was wrought iron from my Grandmother.

 Here's also where that huge brass tray went.
I placed it on top of my childhood dress/desk, then topped it with a scarf. I figured if ever the water overflows from the planter it will go onto the tray instead of my dresser/desk.
My little orchid is dwarfed by the size of this of this one.
I swear they remind me of spiders sometimes! LOL

If you remember from this post,
this is the one that has that gorgeous bloom!
Here it is blooming in the sunroom these came from,
via my Sister.

That's my Grandmother's wrought iron plant stand.
It still needs to find a place of it's own.

The last one when onto it's plant stand in front of the Baker's Rack.

Now these poor babies came from a sunroom that is all glass, sunny most of the time and nice and cozy warm into my small bedroom which is pretty chilly in the winter.

But look! This new growth is on the one with the pretty bloom!
Maybe they will be happy after all...
fingers crossed!


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