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Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Identity Theft Trends & Predictions

Predictions: ID Theft Trends in 2015 
With 2015 in full swing, let's look at the trends that will impact our privacy and identities in the coming months. Here are some trends to watch for this year: 
Increase in mobile malware - Traditional malware attempts to infect your computer with malicious software. While that threat will not be going away in 2015, look for new malware that targets your mobile phone. Protect your device by only installing reputable apps from secure app stores. Keep apps and mobile software up to date as enhanced security features are usually part of regular app and software updates. 
Targeted spam - Email spam that is full of misspellings and generic greetings will be taken over by highly relevant spam in 2015. Scammers will likely spend more time researching victims on social networks and will use that information to tailor spam to each individual. Use caution when clicking on links contained in unsolicited emails, and never share sensitive personal information over email - if the request is a legitimate one from a reputable company they will most likely ask you to call or log in to your account to provide personal information. 
Mobile payment fraud - As mobile payment options like Apple Pay become more widespread, hackers and ID thieves will likely target these services. While preventing these attacks is mostly the burden of the specific provider, you can do your part by regularly monitoring your accounts and checking receipts to ensure that any payment stemming from these services is a legitimate one.


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