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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shattered - Someone Find The Glue Quick!

You probably remember this Angel and Bird Cage 
from one of my recent posts.

She was placed under my front arbor near the house.
You can imagine my horror when I went out one morning to find the cage had been tossed about 5 feet,
 with my "kissing Angel" broken.

Who knows what happened ~ raccoons, a cat fight, ~ a neighbor has an Asian Bengal Rosette he lets run loose. Anything that moves is prey. He can't even pick it up, it's so wild, (but that's another story for another day). The arbor is a "gateway" to the roof which is part of the critters "under overground railroad".

Anyway I was beside myself. 
Could I glue all the pieces back together? 
And how was it going to look?

I got my E6000  out and went to town. 
Piece by piece I lined them up as best I could, 
allowing each piece to dry before adding another. 
Sorry, no photos, 
was so nervous about getting all the pieces to fit,
 I forgot to take some.

So it was back together and stable. 
But you of course, could see the cracks.

Then my light bulb went on, it does occasionally ;)
I remember seeing Self Etching Primer by Rus-toleum in the store. It said it could be used on just about anything to make paint stick, even ceramics. 
Thought it was worth a try.
Then I saw Rus-toleum American Accents Stone Texture.
I thought what a great way to cover those cracks! 

And cover those cracks it did!

I wasn't sure where I wanted to put her, 
except not in the front of the house.
I recently had removed an old bird nest
 from basket that used have plants in it.
It was wired on a horse collar on the deck.
 It had been empty for a couple of years, 
so I felt it was safe that no one was coming back to it.

I placed her on top of a bed of reindeer moss
 and wired her into the basket so she wouldn't fall out.
She looked kind of plain just sitting there,
 so I added some Dollar Tree flowers to surround her with color.

One of the wires I used went around her neck.
I had a hard time trying to camouflage it 
until I thought of a necklace.
Dug through my stash and found a broken piece 
of rhinestone bracelet/necklace that was just the right size.
I glued it over the wire ;)

I love the way she turned out.
Maybe an unusual place to have an angel,
but she's safe and secure!
And that's the most important thing!


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