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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Treasure Hunt

I am participating in Today's Thrifty Treasures,
over at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality.
Don't forget to head over there to see what everyone else found.

I am also bragging about my finds over at Etsy Cottage style Blog
for "Show Off Monday"
After passing up about half a dozen yard sales be cause there wasn't anything but a couple tables with clothes, My daughter & I hit upon a gold mine!
You know the ones, you see them & can't get there fast enough. My heart starts beating fast...yes, I love the hunt!
A huge yard & shed to dive into. Boxes & boxes to go through.
Here are just a tiny bit of what I captured. I haven't cleaned any of it up yet, so please forgive ;)
One of the first things I spied was this darling little table.
I originally bought it to list on eBay...but I've fallen in love!
Not sure where it will go....but somewhere it will!
Don't you love the color? and with the white peeking through :~)
Love the shape of the legs too...$3 can you believe that?!
Another box of goodies (10-50 cents)

These teeny glass Ornaments will find their way to eBay.

A great pair of Shutters ($1)
I even scored a sweet hat for my Sister who collects vintage hats (50 cents) I filled the back of my van up with Treasure....good til next weekend! Among the haul are these 2 enamelware cups (25 cents for both), darling little boots (50 cents)(they will be turned into some kind of holiday decoration), a humongous 1938 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (50 cents), and aren't those hair clips (she thru them in) to die for ?


  1. What a great sale! I love the vintage hat. :) Good prices. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Oh I love the shutters and the table! I would have to keep the table too!

  3. Some people have all the luck!!
    Great finds. The little ornaments are adorable.

  4. Whoppee! So glad you lucked out. Dry here this summer. Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Love the shutters! I never seem to get there in time to snag me some of those! Cute little table, too!

  6. You got some cute items. I love the enamel cups. They remind me of my great aunt's kitchen. And your table- too shabby chic! The turquoise color is so reminiscent of furniture from my home state of New Mexico. Thanks for visiting me- hope you'll stop back by again sometime.
    :-) Sue

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I totally love that $3 end table...what a fun color. And the shutters...wow you did score. I would love for you to link up to my party tomorrow if you are interested.

  8. Wow, you got some great buys! I love that blue table too!

  9. wow...you hit the mother load! I wish we had great sales like that around here..or a flea market ...we don't have fleas here...just thrift shops...and I do love my junkin!

  10. The table is a keeper, and I loved that big dictionary. The prices were wonderful. Thanks for visiting.

  11. The little telephone table (love the legs) is adorable and a great price too!

    Love the tiny Christmas Ornaments...so cute. Sure you want to sell them?

  12. That was a great sale. Love the table - color and all. The shutters were a great find. But my favorite of all is the dictionary.

  13. Milk glass is awesome! I got some too! Love the shutters. I got some just like them in my dining room right now! Love great deals! Thanks for stopping by!


  14. WOW you hit the bonanza!!!!!! What a bunch of wonderful treasures. I LOVE those kinds of garage sales!!!

  15. SCORE!!!! That's what I call a gold mine...can't believe the prices!!! The table and the Christmas ornaments are my total favorite. Good for you!! I bet this made your weekend!!

  16. This is hilarious - I JUST finished painting a similar table to the one in your first post in the exact same colors! Mine has 3 drawers instead of the open space but the knobs are the same shape. Its drying right now but once its ready I'll post a pic on my blog.

    It sounds like a really fun sale overall though!

  17. I love all your treasures! They are great finds. The table is great and I just love the milking boots! BEcs

  18. Wow.. I want to hunt with you!! Those are the great days when you come home with such great deals and finds! {loaded} in a good way!!



  19. Holy Cow!! You are truly the thrifty treasure QUEEN! I love so many of the gems you found. The shutters, the table and the ornaments just to name a few. Good eye and fab prices!
    Best wishes,

  20. SCORE!!! i want those shutters! There is a forum on ECS that you should post your finds too 'nifty thrifty finds'

  21. Thanks for stopping in to say hello yesterday! I love all of your fabulous finds. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  22. You found some amazing things! I LOVE the shutters and I dont think I have ever seen a dictionary that huge!

  23. What fabulous finds! I can't even pick one thing out that I like the most...I'm lovin' it all!

  24. Wow! My heart would have been beating fast, too! Those were some great finds!

  25. Fantastic deals! Congratulations!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comments. See you soon!


  26. Hey its me again - I posted the picture of that printer stand/filing cabinet just now :)

  27. Hi and thanks for visiting. You found some great stuff, my heart would have been pounding too!


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