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Saturday, July 23, 2022

National Moth Week ~ 7/23/22 - 7/30/22

Today kicks off National Moth Week!

Lime Hawk Moth

Moths are found all around the world and are closely related to the colorful Butterfly. Moths are not generally brightly colored as the Butterfly, since the Moth is nocturnal they tend to blend in with their surroundings.  Depending on what part of the world they're from they can be somewhat colorful also. There are thought to be up to 250,000 different species throughout the world. Even more are not yet believed to be discovered.

Luna Moth

Due to their nocturnal lifestyle, Moths are known to be attracted to lights and are to be believed to fly in a straight line since Moths use the Moon for navigation.

Elephant Hawk Moth

In the same way as a Butterfly, the Moth goes through a stage of metamorphosis during it's limited life cycle. The Moth Caterpillar is different from the Butterfly Caterpillar,  by being more broad with some containing a stinger. 

Sphinx Moth

As with their Butterfly cousins, Moths play a vital role in the population of plants. Those plants that are night bloomers rely solely on Moths and Bats to pollinate them.

Virginia Tiger Moth

Moths are herbivorous animals and survive solely on a plant based diet. Moths predominantly drink the nectar from plants as well from sugary fruits and berries, using their long straw-like tongue.

Privet Hawk Moth

The Moth has numerous natural predators throughout the world that include birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, and even other insects and large spiders.
Fuzzy Rose Maple Moth

All around the world, both Moths and their Caterpillars are known to be a pest, Particularly to farmers as caterpillars munch through their crops. Moths are renowned for their larvae becoming a pest by eating through fabrics, of which their favorite is silk. Moths can also make holes in household fabrics like curtains.

Tiger Moth

I've always preferred moths to butterflies. They aren't flashy or cocky; they mind their own business and just try to blend in with their surroundings and live their lives.
Kayla Krantz

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Cement Tray to Succulent Planter

What do you do with your Dad's old cement trays?
I have several that have been floating around 
my garage for...a... more years than I care to admit.

Yes, I'm still working my way through my Treasure Pile from the farm!
Don't judge me! LOL
Life has been even more crazy and hectic this year, 
I swear it's 2021.2!

It's not all my fault, really.
My sister is purging...accck! 
She's purging my way...that means she's bringing 
me carloads upon carloads of stuff!

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining!
It's a double edged sword - 
So fun to sort through her cast off Treasures,
but between my keep pile and Treasure pile,
 I need to get busy (like my time is mine, lately)
creating from my Treasure Pile and I need a bigger house for my keeps!
So I'm purging some of my things to make room for her "new" things.
Yes, it is crazy and it drives me nuts that I can't just 
wiggle my nose and get all the projects in my head done
 that I have for my Treasure Pile! 

Back to Dad's cement trays -

My Sister brought 2 small stands, from what I don't know,
but I put them to good use along with Dad's cement trays.

I decided to marry them into a succulent planter.

Dad's cement trays are, of course, old and well used.
I punched a few holes in the bottom for drainage.
Then sanded the bottom where the stand would be adhered 
to the stand trying to remove a bit of the leftover cement.

Yep, you guessed it, grabbed Dad's go to - JB Weld
A dab from the red tube and a dab from the black tube

Mix well.

I applied it to the stand

Centered the tray over the stand

and married.

I placed a jar in the center of the tray
to add some weight to be sure there was ample contact. 

I left it sit for 2 days, to be sure it had plenty of time to cure.

I tore a coffee filter in half 

and placed over the holes on the 
inside of the tray to prevent soil from falling through.

I used soil for Succulents

I had a few plants that needed to be transplanted.

Planted in their new home.

I topped the soil off with white gravel

added a few Agates I had.

She sent two stands, so I was able 
to make two of these.

Now what to do with the other 4 cement trays?
I have ideas, it may take a couple years for them 
to come to fruition, but I will eventually get there.

Love the way it turned out!

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