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Friday, October 26, 2018

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

How To Dry Herbs From Your Garden

Preserve Your Herbs

Growing herbs is just half the fun.
Cooking with them and tasting the efforts of your work is the icing on the cake!
Here are some simple ways to preserve your homegrown herbs.

Long Stemmed Leafy Herbs

1. Harvest early in the morning just after the dew has dried off the leaves
2. Remove any soil/dirt/dust by rinsing them under cool water.
3. Shake off excess water.
4. Gently pick off any dead or discolored leaves with your fingers.
5. If leaves are large like Bay Leaves, pick of each leaf and set aside on a layer of newspaper or paper towels in a dark dry place until dry.
6. For smaller leaves, gather stems into small bunches and tie off with rubber bands. The rubber bands will hold as the stems dry and shrink. 

6. Hang bunches in a dark, cool, dust free, well ventilated area.
7. Take down bunches in 2-3 weeks, when they are dry.
8. Strip leaves from stems.9. Store leaves in glass jars, plastic bags, bottles, etc.

Short Stemmed Herbs and Edible Flower Petals

1. Choose an area with good ventilation and no direct sunlight.
2. Strip fresh petals from stems and place in a single layer on clean newspaper.
3. Leave until dry.

1. For tiny leaved herbs, place stems with leaves still on, on clean newspaper.

2. Turn stems often to ensure both sides of the stems are exposed to the air and dry completely.
3. Remove from newspaper when leaves are completely dried. Timing will depend on temperature.


Any of these can be stored for later use in plastic bags, jars, bottles, etc. in a cool dry, dark place.

Pick herbs/flowers early in the day for the strongest flavor.

Now go in your kitchen, have fun and experiment!

Should you not be lucky enough to have an herb garden,
I do have several in my Etsy Shop

Monday, October 22, 2018


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