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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Found A Dress!


Finally I have found something to wear for the Wedding!
I was really starting to sweat it,
being the last date to order was the last week in Dec.
I tried on some things when we were having Melissa measured for her Bridesmaids dress.
Most I liked were discontinued..grrr.

But ended up deciding on these 2 pieces.

The top is Chiffon with Crystal Beading, Sequins

and has a Scoop neckline.
It comes with long sleeves,
 but I will have them cut to make short sleeves
upon alteration.


Blue Jay is the color I chose.

I went online and found photos in the correct color.

The skirt is also Chiffon and has several 'layers' to it
giving it an uneven hem line 
(as close as I could get to my Handkerchief Hem) 
and side slits on both sides.

Now to find accessories.
Since the top has the beading and sequins,
do I wear a necklace? or just earrings?
What do you think?

OH, and to find the perfect shoes....

what do you think about these???

Anyone gets outta line and POW!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday TJ!!

Yes, we celebrated TJ's 23rd birthday yesterday.
He decided he just wanted to hang out at home with the family
and have Tracy finish his birthday tattoo.

He opened gifts...

got his tat finished..
A is for Anthony
(great job Tracy!!)

had a bonfire on his Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake...

smiled for the camera

made a wish....

and blew!

The youngins played quarters...

then headed to the local bar.....
let me just say, they had 'too' good of a time
and it's rather quiet around here today.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now These Are Icicles

Christmas is over,
the tree is down,
99% of the decorations are packed away.....

Are you ready for the New Year?
Me neither.

But before the New Year can start,
we need to celebrate my middle Son's 23rd Birthday.
Holy Cow!! I didn't realize he was that old!

I mean, I knew how old he was...just didn't realize he was that old!
LOL You now what I mean.
Well, maybe you don't..
time has sped up so fast for me I can barely keep up!!!

His birthday is the 30th of Dec.
The same day my Paternal Grandmother was born.

we had 60 degrees of sunshine today!
Felt sooo good.
I'm ready for Spring!!

The following photos are amazing.
I'm sure these people are ready for Spring too!

Now Quit complaining that you're Cold!!


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