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Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Have a Date!!

The excitement is building!

We went to look at the hall that
Brandon and Tanya had narrowed it down to.
The Waterloo Gun and Bocci Club

And it has been reserved for June 25, 2011!!!

We all couldn't believe how immaculate the whole place was,
even the bathrooms! They sparkled :)

Looking toward the kitchen.
How clever to conceal the entrances with cabinet facades.
The center cabinet contains DJ equipment.

I kept trying to figure out what all the cabinets were for! LOL

Cool huh?!

This is the opposite end.
Through the curtains is the bar area.
On the Wedding day the tables will be placed in a U shape,
with the Dancing taking place in the middle.
Gift Table on left, Wedding Cake on right.

This is the front of the Club were the Ceremony will take place.
Amazing how nearly all of it will be shaded.

The Ceremony will be between the two furthest trees
with chairs placed diagonally.
There will be some sort of backdrop made
so the shooting range will be concealed.

It's not far from Hwy 99, in the country,
secluded and plenty of parking.

The Bocce Lanes will be available during the Reception.

Now all the scheming and decorating ideas
fly back and forth! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Watering!

It's Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie over at Tootsie Time!
Be sure to pop over and see everyone's update on the gardens!

Whew! seems all I do these days is water, water and water more!
Mother Nature has heated up that's for sure!

Look who I found all comfy cozy...

At first I thought it was empty.
But then I saw a dark body inside.

I poked him to see if he would come out and play ;)
I guess he was tired from an all nite web spinning and feeding frenzy.

Since I was having trouble finding some Jasmine plants locally
(remember we are in a small town here) 
I turned to eBay and found "Confederate Jasmine" for a song.
Nice healthy plants arrived.
I've never heard of these before but
I guess they are just basically a variegated form of Jasmine.

I am trying to cover the sides and eventually the top of our gazebo

to make it more like an enclosed room....
and to block that searing afternoon sun.
Someday I hope that all the sides will look like this.
So far the Honeysuckle have covered 2 of the 4 sides.
Lilacs will grow in the "holes" between the "corners"
with only one way in and out.
That's the 'plan' anyway.

I'd like to be able to place some shade plants inside
and free up some space on the deck.

The Honeysuckle smells heavenly when it blooms.
Mr. Bumble Bee thinks so too!
Isn't he gorgeous!

Just LOVE big ol' bees :)

The Apples are coming along nicely.

This is what I use to hold picked Tomatoes with
when I forget to bring the basket! LOL

Picked some Thompson Seedless the other day...just a few ;)
I have a ton more to pick!

Baylee seemed to think I needed help..
.that or she was looking for a quick snack of bugs! LOL

Bynx was in the Grapes chasing the birds away for me ;)

Update on Brandon and Tanya's Veggie Patch.

Their Pumpkins are growing by leaps and bounds!
These photos were taken about a month ago.

OK, we know not all of us are
born with round
heads ;)

I'm told this one can now be seen from the street!

Wishing all a wonderfully relaxing gardening weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tattoos anyone??

Last weekend Brandon and Tanya came over for a visit.
They brought a friend of Tanya's too.

He just happens to do tats!
We had a fun Tattooing party :)

Hubby received a Memoriam for his Dad. 

TJ received a Celtic Trinity.

I had my Dragonfly recolored and also received a Star Trail!!

I love it!

Hurt? a little,
but as long as I watched it wasn't a biggie.

Thanks Tracy!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Official!!

Brandon and Tanya are engaged!!!
He proposed on July 2nd and she said
"yes, you stupid man"
He taped "the proposal".
He was hidden at first but she spotted him.
We Got to watch it.

She was out at Bingo.

He had candles lit all over.
No lights.

A candle lantern with lighter was placed just outside the front door
with a red ribbon to follow.

She followed the ribbon which had "stops" along the way
with stances from a poem printed on cards for her to read.

The ribbon ended in a bathtub full of bubbles
where it was tied to a rubber duckie.

"The ring" was tied on the duckies neck.

Once she reached there he asked her to marry him.

She was crying and said "yes, you stupid man!"


LOL They are happy, we are happy.
No date set yet.
But getting excited and starting to prep.
We all celebrated at Olive Garden.

The happy couple.

You know what this means don't cha?

Diet time!!!


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