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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Official!!

Brandon and Tanya are engaged!!!
He proposed on July 2nd and she said
"yes, you stupid man"
He taped "the proposal".
He was hidden at first but she spotted him.
We Got to watch it.

She was out at Bingo.

He had candles lit all over.
No lights.

A candle lantern with lighter was placed just outside the front door
with a red ribbon to follow.

She followed the ribbon which had "stops" along the way
with stances from a poem printed on cards for her to read.

The ribbon ended in a bathtub full of bubbles
where it was tied to a rubber duckie.

"The ring" was tied on the duckies neck.

Once she reached there he asked her to marry him.

She was crying and said "yes, you stupid man!"


LOL They are happy, we are happy.
No date set yet.
But getting excited and starting to prep.
We all celebrated at Olive Garden.

The happy couple.

You know what this means don't cha?

Diet time!!!


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