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Monday, March 9, 2020

Making an Easter Book Bundle

I wanted to add an Easter Book Bundle to my Bunny Collection this year.
Being this my first Book Bundle, I was excited. I had never bothered to read the directions. It seemed pretty straight forward by just looking at the photos.  So this is my version, the way I made my bundle ~ I don't believe there is any right or wrong way ~ do it anyway you want, adjust here and there to make your bundle look how you want it to in the end ♥

Pressed for time, I was trying to speed through to at least get my Book Bundle started.
I always put the things I want to make for myself off to the last minute, 
do you do that too?

Ran to my stash to grab books.....
only to find I had used them all up for other projects - ugggghh!
Off to the Dollar Store I ran to grab some - *this is where I roll my eyes* -
Only to find out a few days later I missed the library sale on books - $1 a bag.

Too many family crisis' since January -
but I digress....

(Fun, it was my time for something fun, 
even if I was pressuring myself to have it!)

Had books, paint, brush.....
had seen some really cool font stamps online months earlier when I first thought of making this bundle.  I flipped through my usual sources online, saw the prices and decided I'd use my Dad's from WWII.  Nothing fancy, but they's get the job done and I could start immediately since I wouldn't have to wait for them to arrive or drive an hour to get them.

The covers of the books removed nicely

I just gently pulled and off they came in one piece

I did end up lightly sanding a few high spots of glue that remained on the spines

Ignore my table, several other projects going on

I wanted them to lay flat on top of each other.
Used regular Elmers to glue them together. 
Weighted them down and let set a day or two until I got back to them.

I wanted them a very light pink.
I add a few drops of Waverly's Chalk Paint in Ballet Slipper to Waverly's Chalk Paint in White and mixed.

The books were painted and left to dry

They even stand ;)

On to the stamping ~
It may have turned out a little wonky, but 
it's not everyday you get to use old stamps like these.

The Title is from Gene Autry's "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".
When I was little I couldn't remember all the words,
 so I sang the title over and over driving my family crazy.
I still have the old red record I used to listen to! 

Looking back, I think I just wanted to incorporate some of 
my childhood into my Easter lineup. 
If we could just turn the clock back 60 years
 instead of just an hour  

There was definitely a learning curve with these old wooden stamps.

I like the way they came out,
and I'm sure Dad would have liked that I finally used them!
Even the old ratty ink pad too!


When done I decided to tie Spring Green ribbon around the bundle 
and make a loose multi-loop bow toward the spines.

Love it!

I had so much fun creating this one, 
I made a couple other themed ones and placed them in my shop :)

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