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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vintage Valentine Postcards

Here are a pair of Vintage Valentine Postcards I'd Like to share.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, I never thought I'd get rid of these. I had always planned to keep them.
Not sure why, I had thought I'd use them for reference, new ideas, etc., but seemed I only reread them when I was sick. They just seem comforting to me.

I'm talking about my 14+ years collection of Country Living Magazines.
Your probably saying "get a life!" LOL There are those of us that do collect magazines, believe it or not.

Oh, the furnishings in those pictures. The gardens, the stories, and the crafts!
They have a way of drawing me in. Dreaming about what it must be like to live in some of those homes, cities.

It was always fun & exciting to implement some of those ideas into my own home. Although, it seems over the years, I've developed my own style.
I go to bed at night & rearrange different areas of my home in my mind.
I love the idea of redecorating with things you already own. I guess that's the thrifty part of me showing ;)

While I am always anxious to receive next months edition & read it from cover to cover, I no longer feel the need to "hang on" to what had become my security blanket.

I am putting my collection up for auction on eBay.
They will be sold in lots by the year.

I only hope they find a good home that will treasure them as I did.


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