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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Two 24-Hour Sewing Projects

Book Cover

Four Patch Pillow

You can click on pictures to enlarge ♥

My Memories Suite 9 on sale!

New Features in My Memories Suite 9 Include:

New Project Types
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus
  • Print Products - Canvas, Metal, Posters, Mug, Mousepad, Water Bottle

Photos Enhancements
  • Color Pop - Make a photo Black and White except for an area you select in Color
  • HSB - Hue Saturation Brightness Adjustments
  • Right-Click photos in the Photo Gallery to see details (width, height, dpi, path, etc)
  • Right-Click to sort photos in Photo Gallery by Date vs Name

Text Enhancements
  • Copy & Paste Text Styles from one Text Box to another
  • Copy & Paste Text without Style or Paste Special with Style
  • Text on a Shape or Line can now have Text Styles
  • Adjust Text Style while Text is Attached to Shape or Line
  • Set any Text Box Style to Default Text Style

Background Enhancements
  • Set Background to Gradient Colors
  • Zoom Background In or Out
  • Nudge Background in Eight Directions for Precise Positioning

Calendar Improvements
  • Additional Options for Calendar Header Sizing
  • Set a Specific Day of the Week to be a Custom Color
  • Calendar Projects from Scratch will Automatically add Calendar Months to pages
  • Set start Month to Yearly Calendars

Other Enhancements
  • Set Objects to Same Width, Height, or Size
  • Set Mattes to Gradient Colors
  • Grid to asset with alining points in Shape Editor
  • Autosave option for Project with Adjustable Interval
  • Page Number Feature now allows for Text Before or After Page Numbers
  • Fast Fill option to insert Breaks which will help to keep groups of photos together
  • Photo Layouts can be sorted by # of Photos
  • Word Art can be filled with Background Paper
  • Search within Templates Dialog

New commercial & personal use Content for My Memories Suite 9: 
  • 150 New Backgrounds
  • 400 New Embellishments
  • 2 Calendar Templates
  • 2 Greeting Card Templates
  • 1 Photobook Templates
Fun and easy to use!

A few examples:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

You think you're having a bad day.....WW

Then you step outside of your house...
and look up into the beautiful blue sky...
and see this:

All of a sudden, that smile comes back to your face and things don't seem quite so bad!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Pruning and Yard Clean Up Time

Yes, my backyard has turned into a jungle. 
Believe it or not there are walkways in there somewhere!

The Pittosporum had devoured the waterfall and

Honeysuckle and Cecil Brunner took over the gazebo !
It's no wonder this is my least favorite time of the year in the garden. 

When I do get a chance I get out and
prune, prune, prune!
As these bags can attest I'm doing my best to 
prep the garden for Winter

I try to get an early start the backyard clean up Oct 1st. The city started coming around for curbside pickup Nov. 1st, so until then all the trimmings have to go in trash bags in our trash toter.

Back, so much better!

Once done with the back I move to the front and it's usually close enough to Nov. 1st to place trimmings curbside without getting a citation.

The front yard overgrown

Lambs Ear gone crazy

Weeds and overgrown Pomegranate towards back along with Rosemary engulfing bike.

Trimmings pile is growing

Front yard under control,
much neater and ready for Winter.

My pile is now double parked!
We still need to take down another small tree and
 then prune the large tree in front. 
Then we'll be done.

As you may notice all the leaves are left in my garden.
I NEVER remove the fallen leaves.

Yes, I'm a lazy gardener, but the benefits of not raking leaves outweigh the look of a clean yard.
Leave them lie!

That's another post :)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who Has the BEST Brother in Law? I DO!!!!

How do you get rid of a broken down hot tub the ex left behind?

You can see the hideous thing behind my cousins.
We've been stuck with it for 6+ years.
The kids and I have been slowly picking at it with 
hammers, crowbars and whatever else we could find to take it apart piece by piece. You can see we'd removed the redwood siding and some tubing in the above photo, but had a long way to go.
We had tried our sawzall, but it really didn't make much of a dent in it. :(

Then TA DA!!!!

We had a surprise when my sister and hubby showed up to cut it to pieces! His sawzall made ours look like a toy! LOL
No wonder we couldn't get anywhere with ours!

His cut through it like butter!

He went to work on it so quickly I didn't 
get any before photos, oh well,
who wants to look at those 
when you can see it chopped up!

My boys have health issues and have physical limitations
so my brother-in-law did all the major work.

My sister even pitched in!
She recently had two hip replacements!
Needless to say, I snapped these pictures 
and got to work!

It was cathartic for all of us to see that
 monstrosity being cut to shreds!

As it was cut up, it was loaded onto their truck, 
they even hauled it away for us!!
Now is that beyond the call of duty or what??

It's so hard to believe it is actually gone.
Anytime one of us goes outside, 
we come in and say
 "I still can't believe it actually gone!" 

As for the cement pad, I've got plans for it come Spring,
yes it may included my new Mermaid deck.....
here's a peek ;)

We're all just so grateful and appreciative
 that it is GONE for GOOD.


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