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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Name one woman who has never been concerned about her hair. We are always trying to make it look more beautiful, healthier, more thick, more bouncy, more lustrous and just more gorgeous.

Summer can be one of the most difficult times for our hair. Between heat, swimming, beach, products, etc. it doesn't stand a chance.

Here are a few basic hair care tips to improve the health and looks for your curly locks

  • Do not wash your hair too frequently, as it will wash out the color quicker.
  • Use a shampoos especially meant for colored hair, as they are designed especially for the purpose and do not strip away color from your hair that fast.
  • Make sure to apply a good conditioner every time you wash your hair, this will help maintain the luster of your hair . This will not only prevent your hair from becoming dry, but will also moisturize it, securing the color.
  • A good option to get that sheen in your hair is to go for a deep conditioning with hair oil treatments, at least once a week. For a long lasting effect, apply conditioner in your hair and wrap a warm towel around it to let it seep into your hair.
  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors always wear a hat to save your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. This is because sun not only dries your hair but also fades the color. As an alternative, use leave-in conditioners on your hair, when going out. They contain sunscreen, which will guard against the damaging effects of the sun.
  •  Always use color enhancing conditioners, which help to keep the color intact and even help in blending it in root areas.
  • Do not use a brush for colored hair, as it tends to break hair much more. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb, which will even check the occurrence of split ends.
  • Colored hair should be air dried rather than blow dried, as it saves it from damage and breakage

 Garnier Olia is the first oil powered permanent home hair color with 60% oil blend with natural flower oils, which leave your smelling amazing. It contains no ammonia, so no burning fumes for your eyes. No dripping when applied, a big plus!  I had such a  pleasant experience when coloring my hair. The end result was visibly noticeable; not only the beautiful shade I chose, 6.60 Light Intense Auburn from the 24 different shades they have, but also by improving smoothness and shine.

Disclosure: The information, products were provided free by Garnier Olia through BzzAgent. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meatless Mondays

We needed to use up some leftovers in the fridge so I decided to make some Burritos. The kids love just about anything I throw together they really like.  

 I had a couple Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover's Burgers leftover from the night before, so I just crumbled them up and used them. Here's the ingredients I used up.    

Left Over Breakfast Burritos
Leftover Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover's Burgers, crumbled up  

Leftover onion, diced
1 tbsp. garlic, minced
shredded cheddar cheese
corn or any leftover veggies
8 ~ 10" flour tortillas
Salsa (optional)
 Saute all ingredients except eggs and cheese on medium high heat for 10 minutes. Add eggs; cook until eggs are done. Wrap in flour tortillas and add cheese. Fold into burrito form. 8 servings.

Very tasty! We thoroughly enjoyed them
Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover's Burgers have 59% less fat that ground beef, 110 calories per servings, cholesterol free.

A great way to use up leftovers, you can stretch it for last minute guests.  Great for dinner too.


The information, products were provided by MorningStar Farms through BzzAgent.
All opinions are my own


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