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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Follow up to Yesterdays Post

Just a quick post to follow up on yesterday's post.

Here is Pat's Blog where she posts all the dolls she recieves.
Way Cool Pat! She is such a super lady.
Have an enjoyable evening =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Comfort Doll Project

I've been made aware of a wonderful lady that has been doing a generous loving project. Her name is Pat Winter. She started making small dolls to send to abused women's shelters.
Here is an excerpt from her site:

"Everyone at some time or another needs a positive gesture,even if from a stranger. The maker of the doll would enjoy the creating from her heart and hands, and the recipient will enjoy the gesture that someone thought of her......
It offers a woman in need, a gentle hug and the feeling that other women who may have been in her shoes at one time knows what she endures and shows there is hope for a brighter future.....
I am extending an open invitation worldwide to anyone who wants to make a small (6" or less) doll of any type."

To read her entire story, here is a link to her Comfort Doll Site:
Pat sends out a dozen at a time to shelters all over the US.
She has shipped 32 dozen so far!!

What a wonderful way to make this Holiday Season a Giving Season =)

I have made 2 so far and plan to make many more as time allows.

A definate reminder for the recipient that someone cares all year round.

Should you find a bit of spare time on your hands, while sitting in front of the TV, whip a few up. They will be greatly appreciated.



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