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Friday, June 21, 2013

Freebie Friday

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are You Thinking of Christmas Yet??

Don't kill the messenger!!

You know it as well as I do
The Holiday's will be here before you know it!
Heck, I've almost finished my
Halloween Crafts for my shop.
*Ducking as everyone throws their coffee at me*!
~ Taking a deep breath ~
So anyway I stopped by Pinterest to see what I could find that would make good Christmas or anytime gifts.
These are just a few ideas I really love.
For the foodies:
Crock Pot Cinnamon Almonds
My mouth is drooling just looking at this photo!
We just had some at the Patterson Apricot Fiesta
mmm sooo good!

Candied Pecans
These look yummy too!

Kerr Jar with Licorice
Now even tho this isn't "handmade"per se,  you still have to assemble it.
Imagine how many jars you could make if you get that big tub of licorice!

Diy gift jars
These are cute and easy!
Besides you need something to put the foodies into.
Recycle those jars!!

Decorated candles
Love this idea, great for any occasion.
Shh, but I'm hoping to have time to make one for a
special Anniversary that's coming up.
*note to self ~ take pics while making!*

Personalized Votive Holder
Haven't tried this technique before but it's on my list ;)

Just a few ideas to get you started in the thinking process of
The Holidays ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Awww, The Boys Made Dinner :) and a Giveaway!

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate to cook dinner???!!
Well, I must confess, I DO!
C&T decided to help out and make dinner the other night.
What a relief!
Little to my surprise they made a Seafood Feast!!
It was so good!
Salmon, Shrimp and Muscles!!

Thank goodness for the Internet.
C went and searched for recipes
and all I can say is I ate way too much.

Haven't had that much protein for a while.
My mind and body was happy!

On another note Tracy over at
Cotton Pickin Cute
is having a giveaway for this Olay Regenerist kit.

 Be sure to pop over and enter!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Projects Finally Done

Yes, it takes me awhile to finally get around to
 or even finish my projects once I start them. :(
Oh well, these are finally done.
It's Summer and Beach is on the mind!

Some of my wooden planters were falling apart
(hey, they are about 20 yrs old!)
So I salvaged the naturally aged and worn wood,
slapped some glorious turquoise paint on them
 and did some stenciling.
Added shells from my extensive collection
 from my beach combing trips.
Then placed them here and there
throughout the house and in the front yard.

I also added shells around a frame,
 then painted them white.
I added my favorite Beachy saying:
"May you always have a shell in your pocket
 and sand in your shoes"

I even made a beachy looking candle!
The bottom third is sand
followed by a layer of beach glass.
Wiggle a thick "taper type" candle in
so it's nice and stable and there you go :)
Feels a little beachy-er around here now :)

I also made some Creamy Moisturizer
 for my poor gardening hands using this
One Good Thing by Jillee Simple Recipe
Works great for your hands,
especially if they are really dry. 
 It doesn't burn like some other creams do.
Awesome after shaving your legs too!
I gave jars of these out for Easter.

I had purchased a couple of non-working clocks
a long time ago with the idea of transforming them.
I found them in my Treasure Pile recently
 and finally got to work on them.
This mantle clock was upcycled into
shabby distressed Garden Cottage decor. 
This wall clock was made into a tribute for a Mother.

I also found a gazillion muslin bags in my Treasure Pile.
 I'm sure they came out of my Dad's Shop
 when we cleaned up the farm.
My Daughter had recently given me a
bouquet of dried Roses she had received
and had been saving. 
They were still in tact, full of dust,
but still in good condition for their age.
I knew I wanted to do something with them.
 I dusted them off ~ with my blow dryer...be sure to do
 this outside, unless you want dust flying
everywhere in your house!
I then gave them a good coat of hairspray
and set them aside for a bit.
When I found the muslin bags the light bulb went on!

I stamped the bag with a large Rose then
 colored it using colored pencils.
I added the Rose bouquet inside and
 tied off with a strip of cheesecloth.
I love the way it turned out.
Romantic looking.

When my Daughter and middle Son
went through High School they both took shop.
Since the curriculum never changes,
 even though they are 9 years apart,
I ended up with a set of stools/ottomans.
Believe me, I'm not complaining.
I l♥ve them!
When they were brought home they were raw wood.
It was up to me to figure out how I want to finish them.

I finished my Daughter's fairly quickly.
At the time a new colored stain had just come out.
Can't remember the company but it was advertised in every magazine I had seen. It looked really pretty in the photos,
 so I decided to give it a try. I chose a rose color.
 I liked how you were able to get color
but still see the grain of the wood.
I added a Rose decal to top it off.
It happened to coordinate well with this chair, I loved it. 
Enter mild mannered Bella.
Our newest addition, a Red Doberman/Corgi mix.
First pics here.
Who would think a 3 year old dog
would still be going through a chewing phase!?
She ate the corner right off!!
Frustrated, I tried to figure out how I was going to fix this.
Of course, wouldn't you know they don't make that stain anymore :(
 Using wood putty I recreated the corner.
Now what to do since I couldn't match the stain.
Yep, the top got several coats of white
(I really liked the way it was before,
but change is good) :/
And 2 vintage decals.
I didn't get around to distressing it
to match the rest of the piece,
 but every one's shoes will do that for me ;) 
T's stayed in the raw for several years, 7 to be precise.
Embarrassed? yes!
But my kiddos know I will eventually get around to doing things.
Thank goodness for their patience.

I decided to go all white with his and have a different colored top.
(I actually did his before  M's was chewed up.)
 I remembered seeing a plastic doily used as a sort of stencil.
Every time I see those old plastic ones I pick them up,
I have several sizes in my supplies now.

I sprayed the back of the doily lightly with adhesive
 and placed it where I wanted it.
Then painted on the green by first dabbing/stippling the doily,
then finished painting out the top.
I gently lifted the doily off.
I was worried about the paint bleeding under the doily,
so there are areas where I didn't apply
the paint as evenly as the others.
It's not quite "perfect". But it's perfect for me!
Even with the sealant I used,
the paint will wear once shoes are on and off it.
so this just gives it a head start for that
shabby distressed/used look.

Finally got these posted. Long post huh? 
Some of these have been done for awhile
with their photos sitting in my camera.
 Others I have just finished.
And Yes, I know, I forget to take before
 photos most of the time, Sorry :/
There's more to come ♥


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