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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

Succulent Easter Favors

Spring/Easter always makes me feel like we have a new beginning, a new start. Everything is fresh, possibilities are endless.
I guess that's why I always like to send my Easter dinner
 guests home with a plant.
It just seems the right thing to do.

''To plant as garden is to believe in tomorrow''
Audrey Hepburn

Last year succulents were all the rage, heck they still are!
I knew that was the plant that was going home with them
 and I knew where I was going to get them. 
Vintage at the Yard takes place 4 times a year and
 is my favorite place to go and wander.  
It's an open air market in a beautiful lakeside setting 
with the most fabulous vendors. 
One of which is Star Succulent Nursery.
They have the healthiest, well priced succulents I've found.

Luckily there was an event just prior to Easter, 
I headed out to to grab the succulents I needed, 
and check everything else out ;)

Once home, I then needed to figure out how to make them "favor worthy".
I ended up choosing some squatty, quilted, and plain mason jars I had.
These were some of the supplies I had running though my brain.

I had thought about decoupaging the jars with that pretty hydrangea napkin but decided to paint the jars with chalk paint in Eastery colors instead.

Once dry, I transplanted the succulents into the jars, 
being sure to add some small rocks to the bottom for drainage.

Next I embellished them with good ol' Dollar Store 
ribbon I had. I always pick some up, just to have, 
especially when they get some new/different colors in. 
And this sheer pastel worked wonderfully!

I don't like the dirt showing, so I topped it off with
Spanish Moss, again something I keep on hand
 from the Dollar Tree.
I like the way it gives it a fished look.

I had leftover candy stick and Easter stickers from the previous year so I combined the two and stuck one in each jar for a little decoration.

Bim bam yes mam, they were ready to go!

Now to figure out what to make for this year 

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