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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday! 12/11/09

It's Friday so it's time for
Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie Time!
We finally have had a hard frost and
most of the garden is dormant or burnt from the frost.
So I will be posting pictures from
 the past spring.

Young Azalea's

One of the many orchards near us

My Nectarine and Rosemary

The Nectarine is a rescue, as is our Orange Tree.
Our neighbors next door had their entire backyard full of fruit trees...orange, lemon, peach, apricot, cherry, nectarine, etc.
When they sold their house the new owners ripped out every tree!
I couldn't believe it!
The trees were 5 years old, very established
and full of fruit when the took them out.
We went over and asked it we could have them.
He said yes, that he was taking them to the dumps.
I grabbed the nectarine and orange because they had the least damage.
When I said ripped I meant RIPPED!
I wish they would had offered them to others before just pulling them out.
Like on Freecycle or even just telling the neighbors.
I would have liked to taken more but I just didn't have the room.
the whole thing made me sick.


  1. Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by. Your pictures are cheery and I love the rolling hills.
    How sad about all the fruit trees your new neighbor 'ripped' out. Dare I say WHAT AN IDIOT??? LOL Ok maybe how unthinking of him.

  2. You are quite right about the finds through your local Freecycle.

    I took a few moments and browsed through your lovely blog...I will be coming back to peak into your Dragonfly Treasures!

  3. Hope they did something nice to the space after the trees came out.

  4. Evelyn, The whole back yard is nothing but lawn. Looks like a pasture! Of course they have already moved on to a bigger house. They now use the one here as a rental.....but that's a whole other story!

  5. What a pretty little tree! Their loss is your gain. Fruit trees have so much to offer besides the fruit, I love the Spring blooms.

  6. that's awful!!! the same type of thing happened when we moved out of our old place...the new people took all of my hard work and leveled it!
    Your photos are very nice!
    Azaleas do not do well in my gardens...they act like annuals!
    Thanks for linking in today!!! have a great weekend!


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