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Saturday, May 15, 2010

♫ Onward in the Rain ♫ (part 2)

Continued from here

The skies weren't friendly looking....

but Monterey always is

Isn't this the cutest shop?

At the Warf....

Melissa getting a little Captian LOL

Love all the huge decorations 

Melissa thought she'd died and gone to Heaven!
We had to pull her off! LOL

There are alot of Captains around these parts
and Melissa loves playing ;) 

See the Monkey on his shoulder?

Did I mention Melissa had fun?

Brandon and Cody

Love the look of this old Cannery turned
Gift Shops.

Mr Sharkey

This guy doesn't look too happy....

 I thought this was really cool!
Would look awesome in the garden!
A Compass Rose of sorts.
A different face on each side.
West was serene

South was happy

East was breezy

And North was blustery

But at $299.00, it was def out of my price range.

More crazyness to come
in the next segment!


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