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Monday, October 8, 2018

Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Halloween Lights

Some car owners decorate their cars with lights or/and wreaths for Christmas. Why not decorate your car for Halloween?

Find a battery operated pumpkin, witch or ghost. Anchor it to the grill of your car with a strong wire so it won't come off while driving.



Instead of fuzzy dice, why not hang a braid of garlic around your mirror?
 You can use plastic garlic if you don't like the smell.

Car Fire

 Make your car look like it's on fire! Park it in your driveway, add red, yellow and red crepe paper streamers with a fan blowing them to simulate flames. Add red and orange lights to accentuate the "flames". You could even add spider webs, a skeleton, some rats to create a really scary scene.

Crime Scene

Use white chalk to draw outlines of bodies on your driveway to look like chalk figures detectives do in crime scene investigations on TV.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination flowing =)  Just be sure to be safe and have FUN!

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