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Friday, August 18, 2017

Butterfly Feeders

I was able to complete another of my back burner projects. It's been circling my mind for some time, as do a lot of my to do projects. It always seems other things are more important than me "playing". Which in the scheme of things they are.

Slowly but surely, one by one, no matter how simple or difficult, they are coming into completion.
Maybe by next Spring I'll have finished what I had hoped to have done for this Spring. 

Anyway I've been wanting to make some Butterfly feeding stations.
Yay, I completed a few!
Perfect for the back gardens where the Butterflies usually show up
and one in the front garden that draws them there now.

All feeders are made using wine bottles (free) 
and 12" - 13'' plates ( .25 - .50 at garage sales). 
But you can make them any size you'd like.
All were secured together with GE Silicone II adhesive

 and left to cure for 2 days.
 I wanted to be sure they were securely bonded.

 Just place the the feeders over rods/dowels 
tapped securely into the soil. 

My butterflies seemed to love grapes cut in half with a splash of water.   I also offer over ripe bananas and watermelon pieces!

 I leave the decaying fruits in place for days!
Every once in a while I give them a sip of Gatorade,
 they love it!

These make wonderful platform feeders for birds too.
I have noticed Mocking Birds helping themselves to the fruit also.
It's OK, I like to share :)
I had a feeling this would happen, 
that's why I made more than one ;)

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