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Friday, July 12, 2013

Christmas catalog in 1934

I thought this was appropriate to go along with all the Christmas in July Sales that are going on now...........
  Christmas catalog in 1934
          How times have changed...                                                  Note at the bottom of the order form, it says, "If person ordering is married and the order is more than $100, both husband and wife must sign the order form. "
Christmas catalog
You can dream about these prices ...
No doubt everything was made in America , too!

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  1. Hi Deb!!
    Oh how I love the old catalogs and magazines. Some of this stuff is still very usable today...a whole retro kitchen...wall coverings to appliances?!! OOOOOOOOOOO to have a time machine. who wants to change history and tamper with cataclysmic paradoxes.....I'd just want to purchase at those prices 8) Even food..bet it tastes better...but with my luck the universes joke on me...by the time I got back to present time the food'd be rotted or dust and the cloth'd be dry rotted and the kitchen things ....rusted crumbling and more dry rot...sigh.
    oh to wish...hehehehehe


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