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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Dogs!

Whew, have we been having a hot spell here!
Breaking records for being in the 100's.
But in my opinion, anything over 90 is just plain HOT....
much less hitting and going way over the century mark!
You can tell the temperature by the way the dogs lay ;)
In the morning Bella is curled up on the couch,
usually with her favorite toy.

Uh oh! I'm getting the evil eye for waking her 
That's it go back to sleep ;)
Cooler temps in the morning makes
for easy relaxing on the couch.

Looks like Katie is getting warm,
she's starting to stretch out.

Getting warmer, time to leave the couch!

Yep, the temp is rising as
Bella looks for a cooler spot.
Over 100 degrees outside,
Bella passes out!
Just kidding, she's enjoying the A/C

With the A/C on they're back on the couch
 but Katie is still hot, hot, hot! 

Not looking forward to the next PG&E bill.
 But what are you going to do?
By hanging laundry on the line I'm hoping to compensate.
With this heat the laundry dries faster on the line
than in the dryer anyway!
And it smells so fresh it brings back memories of growing up.
 We didn't have a dryer and only used the clothes line.

Just hoping we get a break soon.
The heat just saps all my energy.

Hoping your area is having comfortable temps
and you're enjoying your Summer.

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