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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trash To Treasure Party

It was slim pickens here for Yard Sales this weekend.

We stopped at an Estate Sale.
It was in it's third day, so there wasn't much left.
As we went from room to room, it brought back the memories of doing this just a few years ago at my Parents House.
The ladies who were having it were the daughters of the person.
I saw myself and my sister in them.
It was kind of hard going through this person's things......because I rememebr the feeling of strangers picking up and going through my parents things. But I reminded myself I was helping them out by buying things.....so onward we went.

First of all, why is it lately every sale has an Oil ClothTablecloth? 
And why do I feel the need to buy them??
This time one had a Holiday Theme with Holly and Berries, the other was a small pretty floral design $1 each. Also snagged a really pretty lace panel $1,
mirrored candle holder (needs a makeover before going to eBay) .25, the 5 glasses in the box were $1!

A bag of seeds $50, a little broken Christmas Tree (will be made into something, not sure what) .25, Jeannette Powder Jar with Swan on top that holds your lipstick (no chips, perfect! eBay bound) .25, an etched drinking glass with gold rim (cute) .25, assorted wooden spoons (another thing I can't pass up) and wooden handled kitchen utensils .25 each, a small sifter .25, and 2 old sprinklers .50 each.

I also found this pretty crocheted Valance (no plans for it yet) but for $2 I couldn't leave it there!

I'm linking up to Katie our host over at Along The Way With K & J 
for her Trash To Treasure Party 11. Be sure to pop over and see everyone's Treasure!


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