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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fertilizer Friday!

It's time for Fertilizer Friday over at  Tootsie Time.
Tootise is out host, be sure to pop over and
see everyone Flaunt their Flowers!

We had a nasty storm last week and got down into the 50's...yes, I know that's warm for some of you. The cooler temperatures sent the Sunflowers into a downward spin. But not before some of the Goldfinches had a bite.

I found one lone Bloom that hadn't been damaged by the storm.

Then look what else I found! Yup, ripe Strawberries!!

Wouldn't you know this week the temps went back up into the high 80's?!
The plants are a bit confused, to say the least.
I thought I'd go out into the backyard and do some pruning.....
this little lady changed my mind.

I'll wait a couple weeks to prune to make sure Fall is truly on it's way.


  1. You found some awesome surprises! The storm did a number on us too. Those mums are toast now.

    We live in Fremont. I don't have much luck with hydrangeas when they're planted in the ground, even though my neighbors have them. So I plant mine in big pots. They're water hogs so I make sure that I water almost daily.

    ☺♥☺ Diane

  2. I just read your yardsale post & wow did you score!
    I had a thought about the cookie cutters - try painting & glittering them for the xmas tree. You could probably sell on ebay too. ☺

  3. you sure found some pretties today to share with us! That sunflower is so cheerful...I am sorry things got hurt by the storm...fall is hard for a gardener to take sometimes!
    thanks for joining in...I have enjoyed my visit!

  4. Love the picture of the goldfinch on the sunflowers. I wish they'd find mine.
    The rosebud is perfect!

  5. Oops, your strawberries are bigger than mine!!! But, you're in California and I'm in NW Tennessee so that's ok...Thanks for telling me the name of my bush...Beautyberry...and it is the perfect name for these bushes!!!
    Love the sunflower and finch photo!!!

  6. Trade you our weather for yours! Early snow is never a good sign. 80's? So lucky! Great surprises in your garden. So pretty.

  7. your sunflowers are beautiful, glad it is cooler now. My daughter used to live in Newman, I have fond memories of the place, I love your blog and am gonna be a follower if I am not already...

  8. 80's. That's so great! Enjoy it for me. Your flowers look great!

  9. 80 sounds like heaven. we are thrilled with 50 for our high of the day at this point. Your rose is spectacular. What a nice surprise!


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