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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lighted Beachy Christmas Branches

I wanted to make some lighted branches for the beachy hall bath to bring some spread the Holiday Cheer even further into the house.

Of course, there's no room for even a small tree, so the idea had made it's way to the back of my mind, while other Holiday going ons proceeded.

I was in Walmart one day and happened to see the little wire lights that are out this year and had a brainstorm or maybe a brain drizzle.

Here are a few of the items you'll need, 
I had most already on hand.

First I went out and picked up prunings from the ground in the garden. Had no idea how many I would need or the size so I came in with an arm full.
Note: if any are Roses be sure to remove thorns :)

I trimmed the bundle down to the ones I liked the shape of 
and also down to the size I thought I would need.

A couple coats of white paint came next.
Anytime I spray white paint I do it on top of this deer I'm painting, so the over spray goes on her - waist not want not ;)

I picked up a clear vase that had kind of a wave pattern to it, to keep with the beach theme, at the Dollar Store. 
Once home I spray painted with Rustoleum's Frosted Glass.
I wanted it to be opaque so you couldn't see the branches clearly.

I wrapped the top with jute to break up the plain coloring.

I added a shell from my broad collection - from Miami to Kodiak - to the jute on the front.
Epsom salts mixed with glitter went into the vase
 for some stability and a bit more sparkle.

I used the battery operated wire lights on the branches. 
Even though the wires are green, 
they are so thin they don't draw your eye. 
Best of all, they have a timer. 
So it's turned into a great nightlight! 
It automatically comes on for 6 hours 
and shuts off for 6 hours, then repeats!

I used shells that already had holes in them for ornaments, 
along with other beach combed items.

It puts out a pretty good amount of light for 18 tiny bulbs.
The only things I needed to purchase were the lights and vase, 
the rest I had on hand.
Not bad for $6.00!
it !!

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