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Friday, May 21, 2010

Never Give In....

Last November,
 I was doing some shopping at Foodmaxx,
minding my own business.

I checked out.
As I was handed my receipt
I noticed the clerk also gave me a "coupon like" paper,
that printed out along with my receipt.

Didn't think too much of it.
Got home, put things away.
I was about to toss the "coupon"
when the Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon caught my eye.

I looked closer to see that Procter & Gamble
were having a Breast Cancer Promotion.

It just so happened I had purchased all "the right products"
to receive the pink cookware package.
Woo hoo!!
All I had to do was send the "coupon",
 my receipt and promo form.

Promo form....
searched front and back.. 
it wasn't on the "coupon"
No phone or address either.

The next time I was in Foodmaxx I asked the manager about this.
She was as perplexed as I was.
She gave me the company's name and
number that was running the Promo..

She said she would call and
would call me when she found out something,
but that I could call also.

I called and asked Catalina what to do.
They would have to get back to me....
I got online and researched.
Come to find out I wasn't the only one who
was having trouble getting the required form.

Another disgruntled P&G customer had already set up a website.
People all over the states were up in arms!
That made me more determinned to get my Free Cookware Set!

You just can't dangle "Free" in front of me
and expect me to ignore it.
Especially since I had already purchased the products...
usually when it comes to these promo's it requires products I don't use,
and I refuse to purchase items just for the promo.

Several back and forth calls to
Procter & Gamble,
and Catalina,
and Foodmaxx
were made.

My notes were increasing...
only I could make heads or tails out of them 

Yes, I doodle while on the phone...doesn't everyone?

I finally reached a person who said ...
"..just send your information, coupon and receipt to this address...."
I was a little leary, but did it anyway.

There was no way to know if, when received,
the people on the other end would accept
what I sent as qualifying.

A few months later I received a
note that said due to the overwhelming response
(well, duh!)
the cookware was on back order and
that it would arrive hopefully by June.

I was at least relieved to know I had been
accepted as qualifying.

So now after waiting for 5+ months
I am pleased to introduce

The Good Cooks Pink Cookware Set!!!!

See what I mean...this was no little giveaway!
Who doesn't need another pan..especially a pink one!!
With a glass lid!!!

And a pink Spatula, and set of pink Measuring Cups.

And I love the pink Timer,
with the Breast Cancer Ribbon on it

Nope, don't dangle Free in front of me and
not expect me to go get it!

Think Procter and Gamble will be having another
promo soon??


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