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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chest pain, more surgery and Fertilizer Friday! Oh my!

I'm joining Tootsie over at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.
Be sure to visit and see everyones gardens.

A quick walk around the backyard reveals
tons of blooms on my cascading Roses
and Blue Flag Iris
(which, by the way, are for sale in my Etsy Store)

and yummy Sweet Peas

Whew! YAY!
Wasn't sure if I'd make this weeks
Fertilizer Friday, missed last weeks :(

It's been quite a ride since then.
Hubby's birthday day was the 18th,
but we celebrated it on Sunday, the 16th
at Red Lobster with friends and family.

Left: Tony(birthday boy), Lynna, and Dewayne (friends)
Right: Brandon (oldest), Tanya his girlfriend,
Melissa (our daughter) and Cody (youngest son).

We all had a good time and ate way too much!

About midnight, Tony had severe chest pain.
He has a history of heart problems
so off to ER we went.
They kept him over night for observation.
Monday they said they would do an angiogram
and angioplasty, if needed, on Thursday.
Tuesday, they said it would be Wednesday, early morning...
the same day, Baylee, our cat had her second surgery scheduled.
I called the vet to see how early I could drop her off.
They came in extra early so I could drop Baylee and run to hospital.

My oldest son and girlfriend met me there and we visited with hubby for a bit.
We were told it would now be about 1pm before they could get him in, due to emergencies. Long story, hoping to be shorter, they didn't take him until 6pm.
The vet called to say she was keeping Baylee overnight due to the extent of the surgery. Good, cuz there was no way I was going to make it back to pick her up before they closed.

After the procedure, the Dr went over everything with us.
There were no blockages..yay!
But some plaque was forming in a congenitively
narrow artery and he had better quit smoking
(I was jumping up and down inside, maybe he'll listen to someone else!)
or he'd be back with severe consequesnces.
He was released at 9pm, we were home by 10:30p and I fell into bed.

Now, back to Baylee.
On the 10th day when she went back for her
stitch removel that darn sarcoma had
already grown back to the size of a nickel.
Very aggressive stuff!
So the Vet recomended another surgery.
She had gotten the whole thing out the first time
but only by a very narrow margin.
This time she removed more muscle, tissue and even nerves.
Baylee had 27 stitches as opposed to 6 last time.
Should the Sarcoma return,
the vet said she would remove the leg for free.

I braced myself when I went to pick her up....
I knew it was a much larger incision this time.
To my surprise she was eating, purring, playing??!
They had just given her some pain meds and she was feeling good!
She looks so much better this time than last.
Only issue is the IV leaked into her leg
so it is swollen but that will go down as it is resorbed.

So not sure about you all,
but I'm starting my weekend right now...
where'd I put that beer?!


  1. Oh my goodness dahling you need a big frosty pitcher of margheritas! I wish that I lived closer, I would bring you one and stay to dance on tabletops with lampshades on our heads. What a week! And it is not over yet! I am so glad that everything turned out for the best! I will keep my fingers crossed that the rest of the week is uneventful for you!

  2. oh, my goodness....what a week!!!! but all sounds like happy endings...you guys all need to just relax this weekend! take care!

  3. What a week you've had! So glad your husband is doing ok and yes he should stop smoking! LOL....easy for us to say! Baylee is so sweet and I hope will be OK! Charlie had surgery last fall and he seems do be doing great and no grow back of the tumor so far! Wishing Baylee and your hubby the best!!

  4. OH MY!! I don't know where to start!! Just hope everything is under control now, when it rains it pours! Hope Hubby is doing well ( mine had angioplasy back in 2002, 3 stents in right artery, we both stopped smoking back then, 8 yrs. this past April. And all's well)And Poor Baylee!!! Somehow cats can be pretty resilient.Give Baylee a kiss on the head from me , and prayers for Hubby & Baylee :) And I hope everything stays uneventful for you!!

  5. goodness, you really been through the wringer! Your flowers are so lovely! Lezlee

  6. Oh gosh ~ I think you better have a couple of drinks friend! I sure hope hubby and kitty are ok. So much stress for one gal to take! Try to take it easy this weekend!

    xo Catherine

  7. Wow, after a week like that, you deserve two weekends. I'd start now, and not finish until Tuesday....

  8. Deb, just wanted to let you know I'm praying and have asked others to join me on my Fearless Friday post. ((hugs))

  9. YOu ahve had a bisy week! Good think you ahve a ond ( Inoticed in your pix) to sit by and relax for a minute! Your flowers are lvoely -Thanks for sharin. Paula in Idaho

  10. Wow, what a week. Take it easy. Your gardens are beautiful, maybe sit out there and relax. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi, it's me again. I was rather distressed when I heard about poor Baylee & your hubby the other day, I forgot to tell you how much I love how your Roses hanging over your pond! So pretty!! I wish I didn't have to have my ponds all caged up. It makes it hard to work with.If the ponds aren't caged, I'll have no fish!! So....., Your pond is so Beautiful!!:) Hope things have settled down for you, kisses for Baylee!!

  12. forget the flowers a second...that is one beautiful little darling..I hope she recovers soon, and does not need anymore surgery..poor dear.
    Your flower flaunt is fantastic!!! I love the photos everyone puts out there...I am so lucky to have friends like you online to flaunt with me!

  13. Oh my goodness! This is my first visit with you. I will definately keep you all in my prayers. Hope life gets better!


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